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The Uncanny X-Men # 501-Hardcore Pixie

Well I must say from the beginning I wasn't a big fan of Pixie so when 501 came out and I knew it was going to be a storyline involving Pixie.I had my doubts about it. This comic seemed to be like a start over for the X-men. Like they are returning to being the X-men team that I always enjoyed.

So the team has relocated to San Francisco in their new base which will possibly be there new permanent home.I never cared to much about where any teams base was,nor do I think there was a great reason to move...but whatever,it's something new.

X-men comics have been pretty hardcore lately,in fact most comics involving mutants have...especially X-Force. Our favorite pink haired mutant, Pixie received a royal stomping at the hands of the Hellfire Cult. She fought back though...I liked that side of her.I like to see what a character does in situations like that. Meanwhile Cyclops and Emma are having this conversation about furthering the race and making babies and all that jazz,but the whole time I was thinking....Why is the art so bad? Greg Land usually does it for me but his art in this book was garbage. His expressions looked fake,Emma and Cyclops look just plain weird,it just looked artificial.

Other than that there was the classic X-man to X-man banter which I love,Pixie popping up half dead,the Red Queen's S&M outfit,and a little Karma at the end, if you know what I mean.

I'm giving this a 4 out of 5.The art wasn't that bad, just the parts with Emma and Cyclops, maybe Land didn't have any good material to copy, the rest of it was really good, and as a person who just got back into X-men I can say it really captured the feel of what I always liked about X-men.The whole hanging out in the mansion, one loner getting chased down by the Hellfire Cult or the FOH, and then Wolverine going to Avenge a young member.It was usually Jubilee back in the day but now it's Pixie.

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