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Still Feels A Little Weird 0

It does feel like we almost have a new comic.  This is a great jumping on point for new readers.  It makes perfect sense for the X-Men to get out of New York and try a different part of the country.  At first I thought this move was to get away from their enemies.  Everyone knows where they were living since they decided to go public.  Now in San Francisco, it's not fully clear (at least to me) whether or not their "base" is a complete secret.  They've announce that San Francisco is to become a ...

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The Uncanny X-Men # 501-Hardcore Pixie 1

Well I must say from the beginning I wasn't a big fan of Pixie so when 501 came out and I knew it was going to be a storyline involving Pixie.I had my doubts about it. This comic seemed to be like a start over for the X-men. Like they are returning to being the X-men team that I always enjoyed.So the team has relocated to San Francisco in their new base which will possibly be there new permanent home.I never cared to much about where any teams base was,nor do I think there was a great reason to ...

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Disgrace 0

I did not enjoy this issue at all, it kinda dissapointed me and bored me to tears. How is it that Pixie can't take out some meager humans, but yet she can fend off hordes of demons. I thought that was ridiculous, and the artwork wasn't all that good. Greg Land is one of my favorite artist and I thought he would deliver on this issue but he failed to do so. This issue had little action in it compared to issue 500. I felt very disenchanted by this issue....

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