The Uncanny X-Men #494

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #494 - Messiah CompleX, Chapter Ten released by Marvel on March 1, 2008.

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    The Marauders are back on the hunt for the messiah baby. They’re a step ahead of the X-Men, but how will they fare against the new X-Force? Also, the traitor reveals his (or her) plan for the baby and alters the landscape of the battle dramatically. Who benefits from the actions of this wildcard, if anyone?

    Cable and Forge lie on the floor at Eagle Plaza. Bishop stands over the crying baby with his gun pointed at it. He tells her to stop crying, he has to do this. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, the Marauders show up, including Gambit and Sunfire. They fight as Bishop yells at Gambit that the baby needs to die. Bishop is just one man and while he puts up a good fight against them, he is unable to beat them. Gambit leaves him buried under rubble. Sunfire is wants to kill him but Gambit says no. Since the X-Men will soon arrive there, he figures if they have to deal with the "traitor," it'll slow them down. Gambit does wonder what could have changed Bishop so.

    In the future, the Madrox dupe is finding things are not so pleasant in the Relocation Camp. He is finally able to locate Layla and sees she has also been shaved and tattooed. She tells him she's okay and that she will survive this. Madrox asks her if she gets them out of there. She says she thinks she does but she knows why they are there. They have to meet a little boy named... Lucas Bishop.

    Back in the present, Bishop comes too moments before the X-Men arrive. He comes up with a story that when he got there, Cable had taken out Forge and was going through his equipment. He tells Cyclops that he shot him a few times and should have had him. He also tells him that the Marauders came and he was knocked out so he doesn't know what happened after that. They try checking on Jamie but Emma says his body is basically brain dead. Cyclops orders everyone that is able to stand to gather to go after Cable. The Cuckoos are told to try to track the baby but it seems as if the baby is blocking them. Emma then tells them to try to track the mutants that kidnapped her instead. Cyclops also tells them to try to find Cable. He says he's done enough damage and has to be taken down for good.

    Cable is kicking himself for losing the baby. He uncovers the Blackbird he took from X-Force in Alberta and knows that this is too big for him to handle on his own. He has a plan B that involves contacting the Professor. He tells him he's the only one that can help him save the future.

    To be continued in X-Factor #27.


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