The Uncanny X-Men #492

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #492 - Messiah CompleX Chapter Two released by Marvel on January 1, 2008.

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    The biggest mutant event in a decade continues here! Following the Messiah Complex one-shot, the X-Men scramble to search for the missing mutant newborn. But they’ll need to tackle the Acolytes before they get any answers.

    This issue confirms that Neophyte, Vindaloo, Projector, and Gargouille were all not affected by M-Day.

    Also included:

    Fury's Files. A list of little known facts that Nick Fury kept on the X-Men.

    Portfolio Review for New Exiles #1, and "Look Who's Talking!" with Matt Fraction.

    Chapter 2

    Back at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning Cyclops reminds Professor X who is now leading the X-Men, and puts Xavier to work with Beast to try to discover why the mutant's powers manifested at birth rather than as a teenager. Cyclops has already dispatched a small group of X-Men to locate a group of former Acolytes to try to discover the location of the Marauders and retrieve the mutant baby from them, and sent Emma Frost to retrieve Madrox, Layla Miller, and Rictor for their own missions. Having temporary erased Madrox's resentment towards the X-Men and desire not to work with them, Madrox and the others agreed to come along. Since losing his powers on M-Day, Rictor would scan as a normal human. For this reason Cyclops wants Rictor to infiltrate the Purifiers to determine their motivation. Madrox and Layla Miller are to locate Forge for details on their own mission.


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    Good issue--- But not too much action 0

    Let me just start by saying that the Messiah Complex is taking a really good turn in the x-men comics! I enjoyed this comic as whole, but my issue was just a few things.... like u don't see the baby, purifiers....... but u do see the Murderers fight Wolverine and other x-men.... but still it was kinda minor in this issue... And cyclops was getting all angry (he needs to get his blood pressure checked) at Professor X....... but yeah it's pretty interesting to see how the x-men are handling this s...

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