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    With the Morlocks committing terrorist acts, it’s up to the X-Men to stop them and figure out why these normally-peaceful mutants have turned to violence. Guest-starring Storm and her friends in the Fantastic Four! FEATURING ENDANGERED SPECIES CHAPTER 6: The Beast journeys deep into the heart of darkness at Neverland and discovers an old nemesis…


    Magneto visits Fellows' grave. Masque broadcasts a terrorist message on the internet.


    While the media reports Masue's attack, Storm uses the Fantastic Four's computers to cross-reference tunnel maps with abandonned buildings, trying to find the Morlocks' hideout. In vermont, Professor X has read the mind of a local sheriff who saw Magneto visiting the grave of one of his former mutant henchmen. Masque posts a video online claiming credit for the subway attack, and implying further acts of terror. Skids accuses him of misinterpreting the prophecies to fit his own desire for revenge, and Masque questions her loyalty, but just outside, O.N.E. trrops have located the Morlocks, and the attack. Soon afterwards, Storm and the X-Men discover the hideout, but find that the Morlocks have fled, leaving several O.N.E. troops dead. Caliban locates Skids, buried in the rubble, just as a Sentinel arrives. The pilot accuses the X-Men of murdering her fellow agents, and attacks them, but Skids reveals that she is an undercover SHIELD agent, and orders the Sentinel to stand down.

    Endangered Species:

    Investigating Weapon X's abandonned Neverland mutant death camp, Beast is confronted by Dark Beast, his ruthlessly amoral "Age Of Apocalypse" counterpart, who mocks his compassion for the camp's lost lives. However, to Beast's surprise, he then offers his help in trying to reverse M-Day. Dark Beast points out that without scruples, his scientific curiosity can take him places that Beast's conscience would never allow, and in such desperate times, that edge might make the difference. Although Beast has grave misgivings, he decides that working separately on the same problem would simply waste time, and reluctantly agrees to a patnership.


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