The Uncanny X-Men #488

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #488 - The Extremists, Part 2; Endangered Species, Chapter 2 released by Marvel on September 1, 2007.

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    The X-Men (re-united with Storm) take to the tunnels to discover why the Morlocks have been erupting with violence. It ain’t going to be pretty. Also, Professor X goes off in search of a VERY IMPORTANT character from X-History. Do not miss this tale brought to you by the white-hot team of ED BRUBAKER (CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL) and SALVADOR LARROCCA (NEWUNIVERSAL, X-MEN). Part 2 (of 6)

    In Endangered Species part 2 by Mike Carey and Mark Bagley, Beast travels to Wundagore mountain to have a chat with the High Evolutionary.

    In the Sewers, Bliss is filling a small container with poison from he tongues mouth. She gives it to Masque, telling him that should be enough. He takes it from her and says according to the book, this has to happen today. He places it in between a few timed bombs, and tells Litterbug this better work. He hands the bomb to Skids, and tells Bliss to look after the boy, and not to try anything funny. Skids puts the bomb into a bag, and she tells Masque that what he did to Caliban was wrong. He says that’s his decision, and that Caliban is serving a purpose.

    Up above ground, Warpath, Caliban, Storm and Hepzibah prepare to enter the Sewers. Warpath asks if Caliban is okay to do this, and he says he’s fine, just weaker. Warpath says that he’s going to kill Masque for this, but Caliban says no, just a severe beating will do. Storm snaps at them, and asks them to concentrate. Storm and Hepzibah jump down through a drain hole first, Storm landing fine and dry, while Hepzibah lands in the water, complaining that it’s unclean. After Warpath and Caliban join them, Warpath tells them that they best be quick, because Hepzibah isn’t the only one with enhanced smell. Warpath smells an alligator, and Caliban tells them about Killron who could talk to them. Warpath suspects that now she’s not there they’re probably doing what they want now since Killron’s gone , and tells the rest to watch the water for them.

    Back at the Institute, and Valerie Cooper is to complaining Xavier about the report he sent to her that morning. She continues to tell him that her agents have informed her that Caliban is no longer on the grounds of the Institute. He tells her that Storm has taken him to the Baxter Building for a second opinion. She shouts at him, and tells him she knows it’s a lie and they aren’t with the Fantastic Four. She tells him that she’s going to follow them, and that they’re going to be looking for the Morlocks too.

    Back in the Sewer, and Warpath is fighting an alligator. Storm tells him to get it over with, but Warpath complains it’s to strong. When Warpath hold it’s mouth open, it’s tail, revealing a hidden tunnel.

    A while later, and the four X-Men are walking ruins of the Alley. Storm says it’s so different without the voices, and Hepzibah comments on the smell. Caliban talks about the friends he had there, and Leech must not be the last, and Warpath reassures him that he won’t be. They find another area that has been blown up, one that Caliban and Leech weren’t in when the explosion happened. Heqzibah tells Warpath to shine light inside the hole, and this reveals a big patch of writing on some rocks. Storm inspects the writing, and asks Caliban who used to live here, but he doesn’t remember. Caliban asks her why, and she tells them that all four of their names are written on the wall.

    Professor Xavier and Nightcrawler prepare the Blackbird to fly. Professor X plans to leave the Institute with Nightcrawler in the Blackbird to look for Magneto.

    Storm has figured out that the writings are predictions of the future, and she tells them it's not a future she wants to see.

    Erg is helping Skids up to the surface, and he asks her if this is okay, and she says it's for the future. Skids walks down to a subway station and she gets on a train. On the train she puts the bag in a compartment with wires. She walks to the back of the train, and jumps off, and uses her force field to skate. She detonates the bomb, releasing Bliss's poison. Erg is standing in the trains way, and he uses his powers to stop it. Skids tells him he cut it close, but he tells her that it wouldn't be fun other why. She shouts at him for saying it's fun. Masque appears, and tells her to leave it, and now it's time to send the message. Masque enters the train, and begins to mutate the passangers.

    Beast is typing in his journal in a tent. After a man comes to fetch him, he turns on an image inducer, and he and several other hikers continue to treck. Some of the hikers complain, because people disappear on these mountains. Beast tells them that he' climbing to the top of Wungadore today, and whoever wants to come should come.

    As Beast climbs to the top of themountain, he thinks about what the replies of the scientists he asked to help him.

    On the way up, Beast saves one of the climbers lives when he nearly falls.

    When they finally get to the top they are greeted by the Knights of Wungadore.


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