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Enter the Starjammers

The X-Men´s plan to star jump succeeded and they´ve met in the other side with the Starjammers!! I´ve loved this issue, not only for the crafty narrative, explosive pace, sharp dialogues and vivid art, but also because what the Starjammers represents to me, since when I first started reading X-men the Starjammers were present (also the Brood and the Shiars) and I´ve always loved when they pop up in the stories once in a while. There´s a turmoil happening in the Shiar Empire and the X-Men and the Starjammers are in the center of it and they can´t let Lilandra to continue imprisoned (what demands an intelligent rescue plan). In the middle of all that, Brubaker finds a way to allow Alex to tell the Corsair about his third son (what I think it was a very quick and not well elaborated scene, that deserved a little more), to Lorna and Rachel have a girl´s talk and Darwin play the badass and save Xavier. Billy Tan continues to deliver impressive and amazing art, with beautiful color by Frank D´Armata. The plot is getting thicker as the players take their places, bizarre alliances are made and a feeling of defeat overwhelms the heroes. Brubaker´s narrative is clean, concise, pratical and flawless, giving the sensation that he really thought throught every single detail, what is really important in a long term arc story like that. Highly recommended.
4.5 out 5

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