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Lost in Space

Brubaker is back on tracks as he exposes the X-team to their first threat in outer space: survive in an abandoned Shiar space station that is overruned by Skrulls. Brubaker uses a magnificent techique of spliting the team in groups, divided by similarities (Havok with Polaris, Warpath with Marvel Girl, Nightcrwaler with Darwin), giving them the oportunity to interact, both in dialogues and in battle. Another great writing feat here is that the Shiar Empire is aware of Vulcan´s activity and that the embodiement of the Phoenix Force is entering the domains of the empire, what will demand retaliations that are already in motion. Tan´s art again is precise and welcomed, mostly in the battle scenes, but surprinsingly good in the other pages too (althought he really needs to improve faces and some anatomic aspects). Warpath is the muscle here, so he is really pushed to the limit, but Brubaker uses well the combination of Polaris, Havok and Marvel Girl and Billy Tan delivers pages filled with awesome art: hey, it´s X-Men versus Skrulls, what can get wrong with that? The only bad thing here, in my opinion, is the näive of Xavier in believing the rescued Shiars guards and the fact that they didn´t come up with a viable option to substitute the Space Portals that were destroyed by Vulcan, other than that, great issue!
4 out 5

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