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    A brand new era for the Uncanny X-Men begins here! Fresh off X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS, Ed Brubaker takes the helm of Marvel's mighty mutants. Billy Tan joins Ed for a story that won't just affect earth, but will rock the foundations of the entire galaxy! Vulcan is out for revenge and has his sites set on the Shi'Ar Empire! Get ready for the ride of your life! A perfect starting point for any new reader!


    Professor X has been trying to contact the Shi'ar, to warn them that the vengeance-crazed Vulcan is on his way, but the Shi'ar refuse to respond, shunning Professor X ever since his marriage to Lilandra was annulled. With things still tense between himself and Cyclops, Xavier asks Nightcrawler for his help in cleaning up his past mistakes. He then enlists Warpath, anxious to leave the "reservation" that the Institute has become, and Marvel Girl, who yearns to return to Shi'ar space.


    In Egypt, Polaris is being hunted by members of an anti-Apocalypse cult, and fights back with her new tech-based magnetic powers. When Professor X's new splinter team suddenly arrives to aid her, Polaris is glad to see that Havok is a member, and surprised to see that Charles is walking again. He explains that the team plans to follow Vulcan into Shi'ar space and try to rein him in before any more lives are lost. Meanwhile, Vulcan enters Shi'ar space, and destroys the first Shiar ship he sees.



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    There´s a new art team in town: it´s Ed Brubaker´s first issue in the Uncanny X-Men and I gotta say he´s very confortable in this shoes. This is a marvelous issue, with all the elements that make X-Men great. First Brubaker brings Professor X back. Second he puts Professor X in charge of his own black op!! That´s amazing. So what that Cyclops doesn´t want Xavier around?! He´s not staying in the School since there´s a bigger threat lurking the space, pointed direct to the Shiar Empire! Third, Bur...

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