The Uncanny X-Men #451

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #451 - The Cruelest Cut, Part 2: Impediments released by Marvel on December 1, 2004.

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    Wolverine's 30th Anniversary Celebration starts off with a bang as the X-Men investigate some mysterious murders in New York City. All the victims seem to have been cut to pieces by blades?Adamantium blades! But if Wolverine didn't murder these people...then who did?!


    Ok the X men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Marvel girl and Bishop) go to NY to find out who is responsible for the recent murders, where the victim have been killed with “Adamantium” . Wile in a café marvel girl bumps into one of the waitresses and she drops her tray. But then Rachel uses her powers to stop it from falling. She says “disaster averted”. The Waitress says “how did you do that” and Rachel replies “triad secret”. Then wile handing over the tray to the girl they both touches it and Rachel sees memories of X23 fighting off thugs. She then shouts to that she found her but then X23 kikes the tray and starts to fight. fights with her making comments on her attire but eventually she uses her foot claw and slices his eye. falls to the flaw. Kurt then goes to him and asks if he will be ok say that he has a healing factor and will heal but that they can not let the girl go. So Kurt goes after her. at the Café Rachel uses her power to make it look like is a police officer and the others are part of the party. Kurt then finds her and she tries to attack him but she soon finds out that he is a teleporter. The other X Men soon arrive and storm uses her ability to put X23 in the air so and then Rachel uses her mind power to knock her out and get information. The X Men (Marvel Girl, Storm, Bishop and Nightcrawler) then go and leave Logan with X23, She awakes not to long later and Logan says that Marvel girl said that she should have been out for hours but that he was not surprised. But then there is a large explosion in a building close to them and Logan say that it is just his friends. Logan ask for her name and she replies Weapon X23 and tell him that she know about him calling weapon X. Logan then says people give names and the people at Hydra. X23 then explains that she was searching fro a friend of hers. But then she tells that she will not say any more until Nightcrawler leaves. Night crawler then says that she has the same ears, eyes and nose of . And Nightcrawler then asks if she is part of his past. X23 then jumps and gets away but she runs into the other X Men with her friend who asks if his sister is safe tell him that she is fins and safe.



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    X23: Cruleest Cut 0

    I think that it was pretty cool. I mean when I knew X23 would be in it I was really exited. Ok In mutant town the X Men are searching for answers to the deaths of people that have been killed with Adamantium claws but the cut was not 3 but 2 so they ruled out . They got in to this café and Marvel  girl found X23 but X23 knew that tow and started fighting. She sliced Logans eye   captioncausing quiet a seen so Marvel Girl made it look like they just normal people not X Men. Nightcrawler then pu...

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