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In this issue Annie and Havok come closer to being a couple, despite Havok’s upcoming nuptials to Polaris. Also, Juggernaut joined the X-Men. Shenanigans go on at Polaris’ bachelorette party. She spent the night with a Gambit look-alike and Annie & Iceman got into an argument about relations between humans and mutants and their respective feelings for Havok & Polaris. Meanwhile, at Havok’s bachelor party, a shapeshifting mutant who worked at the bar was in the form of Annie. Havok freaked out and grabbed her, thinking that it is actually Annie. He grew angry at Cyclops since it was his idea, which grew into an argument. Again Havok is confronted with the ideal that he might actually be in love with the woman who nursed him back to health. On the day of the wedding Havok called it off just as Polaris was walking down the aisle. Angered, Polaris' mental state deteriorated. She transformed all the silverware at the wedding into a new battle-outfit that resembled Magneto’s and proceeded to threaten Havok.

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