The Uncanny X-Men #423

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #423 - Holy War, Pt. 1 released by Marvel on July 1, 2003.

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    One morning the X-Men wake up to discover one of their worst nightmares come true. They find crucified mutants on the front lawn. Among those crucified are Magma, Skin, Bedlam and Jubilee. When Wolverine realizes that Jubilee is among the crucified mutants he goes crazy. The X-Men and Nurse Annie come up with the idea of trying to resurrect the fallen X-Men by using the newfound healing properties of ’s blood. Nightcrawler tries to get out of his duties as leader of the second squad and gets into a confrontation with Cyclops. Cyclops takes him down a peg or two in the conference room with most other X-Men present. Cyclops then reprimands Nightcrawler and Havok for not letting him know about the when their squad first ran into them. The working theory is now that the Church is the responsible party for the crucifixions. Archangel becomes adamant when Annie and Wolverine refuse to take any more of his blood because they are bleeding him dry, they were lucky enough that his blood revived Magma and, to Wolverine’s relief, Jubilee. The X-Men become suspect of some sort of scheme going on when Nightcrawler lets them know that he had been fully ordained as a priest. Things become even more suspicious when he tells them that they were all at the ceremony and the X-Men start worrying about his mental health. Before seven of the X-Men head for St. Michael’s church where Nightcrawler was ordained and where he has been serving as a priest, Husk learns of the resurrection of Jubilee and the unfortunate death of her former teammate, Skin. When they arrive at the church the X-Men find no trace of anything until discovers an underground laboratory full of nightmarish experiments after ripping apart the church floor.



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    Religious Shock 0

    This was a comic I found at one of my Favorite Comic places. I just picked it up because it was an X-Men comic. When I sent down to read it, I was not ready or prepared for what I saw page 5-6.Marvel wanted to hit you in the gut with this opening seen… and when they do, it hurts. The power in these to pages show just how bad it got for the X-Men. Bring on theBroodOrThe Dark Phoenix…But I think the team was not ready for this. And just when we thought Marvel couldn’t do any thing worst to use… Th...

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    Worst Story Ever 0

        worststoryeverworststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever worststoryever    worststoryeverworststoryever    orststoryeverworststoryeverststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverrststoryeverorststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverrststoryeverworststoryeverrststoryeverworststoryeverworststoryeverorststoryeverworststoryeverw...

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