The Uncanny X-Men #394

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #394 - Playing God released by Marvel on June 1, 2001.

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    On the anniversary of Magneto's attack on Cape Citadel, a young mutant with reality warping powers celebrates his birthday by staging an attack on an army base of his own.

    A day before his eighteenth birthday, Warp Savant does some internet research and discovers that on the same day years ago, Magneto made his public debut as he attacked the military base Cape Citadel (way back in X-Men Vol.I #1 from 1963). Later Warp is seen with his friends in a night club and they are eager to know his plans for his birthday. Savant only answers vaguely that he will be celebrating and uses his mutant powers on an empty bottle. It seems as if the bottle is melting or getting vaporized till it is fully gone.

    At the Xavier Institute Cyclops watches anti mutant speeches in the news and is kind of depressed. He knows that this kind of media coverage will only make conditions for mutantkind worse and there no longer seems to be a doubt that one day humans and mutants will go at war. His wife Jean tries to snap him out of his mood, but without effort.

    Warp Savant has made his way to Cape Citadel and simply uses his powers on the signs and barriers that are meant to keep unrestricted persons out of the military base. He makes a lot of noise, destroys some tanks and other equipment and loudly cries out that he is an evil mutant, till many soldiers arrive on the scene. Their commander gets very angry and starts to yell at Warp Savant, who makes fun of him by saluting and kissing him on the face, before the commander too is vaporized by his powers.

    Back at the mansion, Cyclops has alerted Jean and Wolverine to a yet unknown mutant signature in Florida detected by Cerebro. Scott sends his wife and Logan there with the X-wing, their new plane, while he and Archangel will follow soon. Jean gives her husband a goodbye kiss, but he doesn’t respond too much. During the flight Wolverine asks Jean about possible problems in the marriage, but she tells him to mind his own business. Below, Warp Savant battles the military and all gunfire and any soldier that comes within his power‘s range vanishes away. Finally they decide to retreat, while Savant stands triumphant in the ruins of Cape Citadel. As he lights himself a cigarette he becomes aware of a new opponent – Wolverine, who jumped out of the X-wing with his claws up first, but as soon as he gets within Warp’s range, he too is vaporized. While still laughing Warp savant is hit by a powerful psi-bolt, however as soon as he has located Jean as it‘s cause, he uses his power on her too. Jean and Logan find themselves in an unknown place, that at first seems to be similar to Cape Citadel. The many tanks that Warp has whisked away are there too, operated by skeletons, possibly the remains of the transported soldiers. Without knowing what they are up against the two X-Men are able to hold their ground.

    Meanwhile the military has evacuated the area and are calling higher departments for help, as Archangel and Cyclops arrive on the scene. Warren carries an EMP pulse gun and has deduced that Warp Savant’s ability has a reach limit, which he tell Scott via his comm-link. On Cyclops‘ command, Archangel hits Savant with a pulse wave, and the villain screams in agony, while Scott still tries to locate the signatures of his missing teammates. Elsewhere Jean and Logan hear Warp’s cries as suddenly the scenery changes. They find themselves in a child’s bedroom, and not before long monsters crawl out from under the bed and out of the closet. While fighting them, Jean realizes that they have been transported into their opponents mind, specifically into his subconscious. Outside Warren and Scott hit Savant from a safe distance with optic beams and EMP waves, till he finally falls down. Temporarily immobile and powerless, Cyclops approaches him about the whereabout’s of his wife, while inside the mind, the isolated place where Jean and Logan are slowly breaks apart. Little by little does the room dissolve till only a small corner is left; Jean gives in to despair as she believes that they will die. Wolverine on the other hand is not too afraid, but as these might be his last moments he grabs Jean and kisses her deeply. With the room fully destroyed, both Jean and Logan emerge back in the real world in a weakened condition. Cyclops cares for his wife, but Wolverine angrily walks over to Savant, wanting to slice him up with his claws. Scott is about to stop him, but Warp needs no help as he escapes by using his powers on himself.

    The X-Men decide to go back to Westchester, Jean claims to not remember what happened while they were gone, but Logan states that he knows every little bit about what they experienced. Jean pauses, as if she too remembers, before they all head for the X-wing.



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