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Cyclops, the original X-Man, has fallen in battle with Apocalypse. Now that the villain has been defeated, how do Xavier, the X-Men and Magneto move on from here?

Professor X leaves Earth to shepherd the young, mutant Skrulls to a new homeworld.

We visit mutants across the globe. The X-Men are enjoying a game of baseball at the Institute in short-sleeves, thanks to Storm. Jean is concentrating on a snowy mountain top, where she dismisses a morose Nate (who still blames himself for Cyclop's death). Blob plans a heist with Toad, Mimic, and Post. Mystique quietly infiltrates the NSA. In Genosha, Magneto uses a dubious-but-cooperative Polaris to augment his waning powers, confronting Fabian Cortez. Meanwhile, Iceman sneaks Beast onto Genosha to research the presently dormant Legacy Virus.

Suddenly, the High Evolutionary appears to the X-Men. He claims that – despite their great power – the small minority of evolutionarily advanced homo superior constitutes a threat to the long term evolution and survival of the human race. He summarily declares that mutants will be “eliminated.”

We revisit mutants around the world to discover that their powers have disappeared. Not only that, but those whose mutation includes their appearance – like Mystique, Nightcrawler, Toad, Penance, and Beast - are slowly reverting to a normal, human state.


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Editorially bankrupt proof that X-Men needed a reboot 0

This abhorrent issue checks in on mutants around the globe before rendering them merely human via the lame-as-ever plot device that is High Evolutionary. It's a wonder Marvel chose to reprint this storyline in TPB, as it just cheapens the later M-Day/Decimation plot, which was an editorial masterwork compared to this. Story & Script  Having shepherded the X-Men through a Magneto War, a space adventure, and Apocalypse, at this point Alan Davis was all-tapped-out as an x-scripter. And, what do...

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