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Can the X-Men stop Mikhail before his crazy plan for a new world is achieved?

Peter Rasputin and his brother Mikhail look out across the barren landscape of Mikhail's alternate dimension. Mikhail explains how he came to this dimension with the Morlocks as they fled their flooded tunnels. After years of isolation, Mikhail believes himself to be a god – and with his greatly enhanced powers, he wants to resurrect their sister Illyana.

Marrow barrels through the tunnels underneath the sanctuary, chasing a ghostly image of Callisto. She witnesses events of her youth played back before her eyes – when she came of age she was torn from Callisto's side to go to “the outlands” and fight her way back to the sanctuary.

Mikhail insists that Peter's imperfect version of Illyana in the painting is exactly the inspiration he needs to bring her back to life. He wants to tap into Colossus's mind to draw out that humanly flawed version of their sister. When Colossus resists, Mikhail heartlessly blasts him across the room.

Marrow sees the version of herself that returns from the outlands – a terrifying warrior, hideous in her rage. In her memory, Mikhail challenges her to defeat his personal guards. She makes quick work of them, and he invites her to remain in the sanctuary.

Colossus strikes out against his brother. His efforts are futile. Mikhail's powers have been magnified since they last met, seemingly at the expense of his sanity. Mikhail crushes Peter in a prison of living rock, but before he can do any further harm he's interrupted by a vicious slash by Marrow. Mikhail barely recognizes her, remembering her as a mere child. “I did only what was necessary,” he claims, “to prepare you for the cruelty of the real world.”

Finally, Marrow confronts her idol for an explanation for her years of suffering – and the reason behind it is a madman's whim!

Mikhail is at once angered and aghast at Marrow's accusations. In his turmoil, his powers lash out – seemingly uncontrolled. An amorphous entity of green energy emerges from him; Colossus theorizes it is a symbiotic that has been possessing him, forcing him to wage an ongoing battle to promote the survival of the fittest.

Mikhail opens a portal back to the museum with the last of his power. It quickly sucks in Marrow and Colossus, but before Peter can be enveloped he grabs Mikhail.

They emerge from Illyana's painting into the deserted museum. Peter carries Mikhail's prone form – unconscious, but alive.

In Egypt, Deathbird gloats about the anachronistic tribe, worshiping their monolithic idol. She is cut down in a blaze of energy. Her attackers are unseen but for a massive blue boot. From somewhere above it, a voice commands, “Take her for conversion.”


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