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A strong issue despite lacking action

This packed issue includes only a brief parcel of action from the relatively hapless X-Men, but major developments for both Joseph and Magneto.

Story & Script
The story here is all setup, and it does the job succinctly enough that reading the preceding X-Men issue or Magneto War one-shot is hardly necessary.  

The script gets Magneto right – more majestic than madman, not even deigning to visit the UN himself. Ferris is also awesome, from his C3PO style platitudes to his forceful speech to the UN, referencing the Magneto Protocols and Asteroid M. The demand that the world grant Magneto an earthbound sanctuary or be reduced to functioning without electricity is appropriately chilling (how many planes are falling out of the sky at that very moment? Does Magneto care if mutants are aboard some of them?)

There are a few weak spots. The narration boxes are voiced strangely, as if they'll be revealed later to be a character (they aren't). The X-Men banter a bit, but are ultimately a bit flat in comparison to Magneto and Ferris, aside from a jab from Gambit to Nightcrawler about the latter's poor leadership skills (apt, as the two don't know each other very well). As usual, newbie Marrow acts as the expositor and Greek chorus.

The credits read as if Leinil Yu had the assist of three different inkers, and I think it shows. Aside from the puzzlingly awful cover, some of the early pages are lined heavily (check out the cheek on Professor X in the third panel). The style gives way as the book continues. 
The spread of Magneto activating his EMP wave is fantastic, especially a shot of him in mid-roar with each tooth clearly defined. Also, Yu seems to delight in illustrating the gawky Ferris.

As usual, Yu excels on Wolverine, but he also provides a strong, Madureira-influenced Storm

Bottom Line
If you're collecting the mid/late 300s of Uncanny, this issue is probably worth your time, mostly for the revelation about Joseph's genetic forgery as well as the beginning of the redefinition of Genosha, reverberations of which could be felt through House of M over half a decade later.

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