The Uncanny X-Men #366

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #366 - The Shot Heard Round the World released by Marvel on March 1, 1999.

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    Magneto has an ultimatum for the United Nations - a haven for mutants or total destruction.

    We open on television coverage of the Acolytes laying waste to a genetic research laboratory, their fourth target in half as many days.

    The X-Men watch the coverage from the cockpit of the Blackbird, which has been unable to catch up with the terrorists. In his base in the Arctic Circle, Magneto prepares to strike, directing his automaton servant Ferris to visit the United Nations.

    Meanwhile, on a military base in Israel, Joseph learns that he is an absolute genetic match to Magneto – but that the match is forged, down to “every single strand” of his DNA.

    Dismissing the comfort of his companion Sabra, Joseph strikes out on his own to contemplate the news. His solitude is interrupted by a woman who paralyzes him with a blast of energy. She says he should call her, “Mother.”

    Later, the X-Men have closed the gap with the Acolytes, catching them at a facility on the Hudson Bay. However, it's an elaborate trap – first slowing the team while the Acolytes make their getaway, then drawing them into waves of electromagnetic interference emanating from Magneto at his base in the Arctic Circle. Despite Storm's best efforts with her powers and as a pilot, the Blackbird goes down.

    At the United Nations, the obsequious Ferris explains the EM disruption to a startled UN assembly. Magneto wants to unite the world in fear so that they take his new request for peace very seriously. Either they will grant him an earthbound sanctuary for mutants (to replace Asteroid M), or he will maintain an EMP wave that will disable every piece of electronics on Earth!


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    A strong issue despite lacking action 0

    Summary This packed issue includes only a brief parcel of action from the relatively hapless X-Men, but major developments for both Joseph and Magneto. Story & Script The story here is all setup, and it does the job succinctly enough that reading the preceding X-Men issue or Magneto War one-shot is hardly necessary.   The script gets Magneto right – more majestic than madman, not even deigning to visit the UN himself. Ferris is also awesome, from his C3PO style platitudes to his forceful spe...

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