The Uncanny X-Men #359

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #359 - Power Play released by Marvel on September 1, 1998.

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    Rogue is having a dream in which she is touching Remy LeBeau barehanded, but not absorbing his powers or memories. Having dozed off, she is awakened in the waiting room of genetic researcher Dr. Aubrey Agee when his assistant summons her to the laboratory to begin the procedure that is to remove her mutant abilities. Unknown to Rogue, she is being observed not only by Dr. Agee, but also by anti-mutant Senator Miles Brickman and his wife, and Special Agent Henry Peter Gyrich. They are there to witness the effectiveness of Agee's device, and Rogue is the guinea pig.

    After the nurse, Katherine, asks Rogue if she's having second thoughts, which Rogue denies, Dr. Agee enters. He asks Katherine to fetch an anesthetic syringe, so he can begin the procedure. Instead, she returns with a machine gun with which she begins shooting up the lab. Rogue blocks the rounds from hitting Agee, then chases down the assailant, who reveals herself as Mystique.

    Meanwhile, in Anchorage, Alaska, Jean Grey visits Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen after having suffered the psi-negating shock wave of the Psi-War. Physically, she is fine, but the loss of her psychic abilities has left an emotional void. Her husband, Scott Summers, tries to comfort her, but with little success.

    Later, Rogue has joined Mystique at the latter's Manhattan penthouse. Mystique expresses anger and disgust at Rogue's intent to neutralize her powers, but Rogue vehemently defends her choice and her desire for human contact. Mystique tells her Agee is at the command of anti-mutant forces within the government. Doubtful, Rogue touches Mystique to absorb her thoughts and determine the veracity of her claim.

    Soon, at the government's Mutopia Building, Gyrich, Brickman and Agee await Rogue's arrival, having left clues at Agee's lab to direct her there. Brickman's wife enters the building and is told where she can find her husband. Upon entering the lab where the men are waiting, she drops her guise, revealing herself as Rogue, using Mystique's borrowed powers. She destroys the weapons meant to keep her from leaving again, and Gyrich is about to issue orders when he's knocked out by Mystique, who has followed Rogue.

    Rogue confronts Agee and uses her powers to absorb his memories and learn the truth behind his project. She determines that Agee experienced a series of failures, including one that left his mutant sister severely deformed, but now he's convinced his device is a success. However, although Rogue says she still wants to get rid of her powers, she decides not to and sets about to destroy the machine.

    Later, Rogue is welcomed back to Xavier's school by Logan, who knows more about her decision than he lets on.



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      Quote: Mystique to Rogue- "Race traitor! To even consider this genocide is--"  Synopsis:The day has finally arrived, it’s time for Rogue’s operation…you know….. the one where she is cured of her mutant abilities? Yeah that one! She still wants be just a regular person ( she‘s such a bore and one trick pony). She’s being checked out by good old Dr. Agee while in a hidden observation booth, Senator Brickman, his lovely wife Mallory, and Special Agent Henry Peter Gyrich (the douchbag!) discuss ...

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