The Uncanny X-Men #356

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #356 - Reunion released by Marvel on June 1, 1998.

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    Cyclops thinks it may be time to reassess Professor Xavier's dream and so he invites the X-Men to his new home in Alaska. But Scott has another motive for gathering his teammates: Jean Grey's recent interactions with the Phoenix Force may be spiraling out of control...

    Bobby Drake, Warren Worthington and Hank McCoy are in a four-wheel drive taxi outside Anchorage, Alaska, heading toward Scott Summers' cabin to visit him and Jean Grey (and in response to Scott's troubling phone message about Jean). A crow hits the windshield, and the cabbie swerves, first hitting a moose, then crashing into totem pole. Chris Miller of the Anchorage Police (and a neighbor of Scott and Jean) soon arrives to assist. He euthanizes the moose, while Bobby catches a brief glimpse of a "strange guy", who abruptly vanishes. Miller then drives them to Scott's cabin.

    Meanwhile, at the Xavier Instituite, Rogue flies toward the city, while Wolverine awaits G. W. Bridge of S.H.I.E.L.D. to finally take Karl Lykos (Sauron) off the X-Men's hands. Rather than meeting face-to-face, the agent merely teleports Lykos off the grounds.

    In Alaska, the group arrives, and Bobby, Warren and Hank meet Miller's wife, Staci, and her sister Melissa. Soon, the X-Men are catching up with each other, but there is a tension, as Scott leaves his concerns about Jean unspoken. While Scott shows Hank to his room, Warren talks to Jean about his rocky relationship with Betsy. Upstairs, Scott shares with Hank his fears about Jean possibly coming under the influence of the Phoenix Force. During this time, crows gather outside and watch the house.

    Later, the five discuss how to proceed with their search for Professor Charles Xavier. Jean says that though she's pushed her power to limits in a worldwide psychic search, she's found no trace of him. Then the room beings to fill with smoke, and they clear the chimney of what's blocking it. Warren flies to the roof to check, finding a dead crow, and while he's up there, he's spotted by Melissa who is out for a walk.

    In New York City, Rogue spots Dr. Agee, whom she's seen about a cure, coming out of a genetics lab named "Mutopia". She confronts him, and he stammers that Mutopia is a group that tried to recruit him, but he declined.

    Back in Anchorage, the X-Men are in town for dinner out. On the way, they encounter a protest by local Inuits, demanding the return of their ancestral lands. Bobby again sees his "strange guy", dressed in some sort of ritual garb, but again he disappears before the rest see him. Later, in the restaurant, Scott prepares to tell his teammates his ideas for a new direction for the X-Men. Outside, the crows ominously continue to gather



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    The Original X-Men party in Alaska! 0

    Quote:  Archangel to Mel: "Warren Worthington" Iceman: "Semitaken, but always looking, and I'm Bobby Drake, younger, cooler, hipper...Archangel: "Louder"Synopsis:Warren, Bobby, and Hank take a trip to Anchorage to visit with some old friends who happen to be good ole Slim and Red. On the way to their destination they run into (very literally) local wildlife. The vehicle gets totaled and they end up in the care of Red and Slim’s new neighbor’s husband who happens to be the sheriff. So they hitch ...

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