The Uncanny X-Men #355

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #355 - North & South released by Marvel on May 1, 1998.

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    Alpha Flight has come to America. Their mission: bring Logan back to Canada. Wolverine has a counter-offer; chances are Alpha Flight won't be too happy about it..

    [Note: The events in this story are also depicted, from other perspectives, in the story in ALPHA FLIGHT Vol. 2 #9.]

    The phone answering machine at the Xavier Institute records calls from Kurt Wagner, Margaret Stone of the Department of Education, and Jean Grey while the X-Men are out.

    On the road to , is on his motorcycle, transporting Sauron, who is bound in a burlap sack, to drop him off with someone better equipped to handle the reptilian menace. Without warning, a jet swoops down above them, causing them to skid. picks Sauron up off the pavement and they continue down the road.

    In , Rogue visits Dr. Agee, a scientist who claims to have “cured” his mutant sister. Dr. Agee takes a sample of Rogue’s DNA and she leaves.

    At the Summers’ cabin outside , , Scott Summers and Jean Grey discuss his worries about her wearing her green costume. Jean explains it is to empower herself, and to exorcise the evil and fear it once represented.

    In the woods, is soon confronted by Alpha Flight, who block the road. He exchanges a few words with them, then gets back on his bike and resumes his trip. Guardian flies after him and Sauron, forcing them to crash. retaliates, while Sauron tries to hop away to freedom, only to bump into Sasquatch and Murmur. battles the rest of Alpha flight as Rogue, returning from the city, flies overhead and witnesses the melee. She tells she will return with the X-Men.

    The Canadian super-team corner at a service station, when Vindicator notices ’s claws are bone, not adamantium, putting lie to the perception Alpha Flight had that their jet’s sensors located by tracking his metal-laced skeleton. Suddenly, is decked by Sasquatch (at Murmur’s command). He leaps to his feet and the conflict resumes, just as the X-Men arrive. The two teams immediately face off against each other. Cannonball launches himself at Flex, but stops short when it’s apparent the Alphan doesn’t seek a fight. They instead talk.

    The battle goes on with Storm disabling Vindicator, Maggott challenging Murmur, Rogue tackling Radius, and fighting the rest, until Cannonball shouts to get everyone’s attention. He’s learned from Flex that Alpha Flight’s mission is to apprehend for a murder Department H claimed he committed, but the X-Men know was with them at the time. Vindicator believes them, and her mistrust of their superiors at Department H grows. makes peace with his one-time teammates.

    Back at the mansion, the phone recordings continue: Scott leaves a hesitant, troublesome message.


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    New Alpha flight vs New X-men 0

    Quote: Sauron: "I'm bleeding" Wolverine: "And I'm crying" Synopsis:  Wolverine is on his motorcycle taking the recently defeated Sauron into the city, his plan is to leave him with the authorities, they make small talk (more like They have an entertaining jest) until he is knocked off the bike by the wind of a low-flying aircraft (an x-files moment perhaps? lol) . Not fazed by stuff like this he gets back up on his bike secures his “package” and continues down the road. The jet that passed Logan...

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