The Uncanny X-Men #354

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #354 - Prehistory released by Marvel on April 1, 1998.

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    After draining Wolverine's lifeforce, Sauron attacks the X-Men!

    A day of relaxation at the pond on the grounds of Xavier’s Mansion is interrupted by the arrival of Sauron, who has just absorbed ’s mutant energy. The X-Men fight back, but Sauron grabs Cannonball in midair, then drops onto electrical lines, temporarily stunning him. Iceman launches icicles at Sauron, who briefly recalls stowing away in one of Ka-Zar’s crates as the jungle lord was relocating from the to . Coming out of his reverie, Sauron shoots Storm, grazing her, then Maggott dislodges the villain’s pistol and has his slugs destroy it.

    As Iceman re-engages his reptilian foe, Sauron hypnotizes him into attacking his own teammates, then encasing Jubilee and himself in ice. Next, Maggott leaps from a treetop onto Sauron’s back.

    Meanwhile, in space, Deathbird continues to use her spacecraft’s medical equipment to heal the injured Bishop, but he questions her statements that the rest of the X-Men had perished, and that he is paralyzed. Without warning, they are fired upon by a spherical spacecraft, and their disabled ship begins a freefall toward a nearby star.

    Inside Xavier’s Mansion, Rogue, hurt by the accusation of her teammates that she attacked , finds Joseph unconscious. Using CPR, she revives him as Marrow slyly accuses her of trying to absorb Joseph’s powers. She again runs out of the mansion.

    On the grounds, the battle continues as Sauron hurls Maggott toward the ground. His slugs devour enough of the soil of soften the impact, which nonetheless stuns him, Storm and Cannonball. Jubilee breaks free of her ice prison, but Sauron knocks her cold and crows in triumph as the X-Men lie unconscious about him.

    In , Scott Summers, recovering from recent injuries, tries to fine tune his control over the strength of his eyebeams. Jean Grey enters the room, shocking Scott when he sees his wife wearing her original green costume.

    Outside Xavier’s, comes to and groggily challenges Sauron, who shows signs of exhaustion. The villain is finally defeated when Jubilee also revives and sets off her mutant fireworks by Sauron’s ears, knocking him out.

    Later, as Rogue recalls how she found unconscious, then indeed absorbed some of his power, she hires a taxi to . Her destination is the Agee Institute where Dr. Agee claims to have a cure for mutations.



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    Sauron vs the new X-men 0

    Quote: Jubilee: "Nuh-uh! I aint nobody's snack food Rodan!"Synopsis:Rouge flees from her friends after they accused her of draining wolvie, unbeknownst to her however her friends battle with Sauron.    The monster quickly downs the team and prepares to feast.  Light years away Bishop realizes Deathbird has captured him as none of her stories add up, before they can argue further they are attacked by a large ship (like the death star from star wars) and they are pulled in by the nearest sun! ...

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