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The team comes across the power-drained body of Wolverine. And standing over the body is Rogue. Is she truly to blame?

At Xavier's Mansion, Rogue wakes from a nightmare in which she absorbs Wolverine's powers then engages him in a fight to the death. Storm, who came by to invite Rogue to the pond with the rest of the team, comforts and assures her.

On the rooftop of his New York City home, Warren Worthington ponders his place in life, with or apart from the X-Men. Psylocke tests him by dropping off the roof, and he swoops down to catch her before she hits the pavement.

At the mansion, while the rest of the team prepare to walk down to the pond, Logan senses a stranger approaching and intercepts her. She is Margaret Stone an inspector for the school board, there to review the school, much to Logan's consternation.

In space, Deathbird watches over the severely injured Bishop as they continue their return to the Shi'ar Empire.

Inside Xavier's, Rogue visits Joseph who destroys his TV set after watching a news report on one Dr. Agee who claims he has a cure for mutations. She offers to absorb some of his mind to reconstruct his memories, but he rudely refuses, and she runs out of the mansion. Behind her, Joseph crumples in pain, yelling, "He is near!", just as Logan and Mrs. Stone pass by his room. Disapproving of the state of the building and the behavior of the 'students', she puts the school on probation and promptly leaves.

At the pond where storm has dispelled the winter cold so she and her teammates can enjoy some swimming, Logan rejoins the rest. Innocent horseplay takes a bad turn when Logan does not take kindly to being hit by Bobby Drake's snowball, and tackles him, both tumbling into the pond. Logan storms off, as Bobby realizes his leg suffered a cut on something metal under the water. The team discover the original Blackbird, scuttled years before.

As Logan lies on the ground apart from the rest, he comes under attack by someone who absorbs his mutant energy, and he lets out a scream that attracts his allies. They run to find Rogue kneeling over him, and assume she's responsible. Hurt by the accusation, she runs off as the real culprit, Sauron, reveals his presence.

In Alaska, Scott Summers and Jean Grey arrive at the Summers' cabin.



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Quote: (sam) Ah'll take the lead storm!(Bobby) Not if i beat you to it kentucky! Synopsis:Our story opens with rogue absorbing wolverine’s thoughts and memories (and even the first inkling of a son….good stuff). She goes out of control and begs wolvie to end her life , he obliges and she wakes up screaming alone in her room. Storm shows up and the two talk with her explaining her dream and storm reassuring her that dream are just that…dreams. She then invites her to a day of fun in the sun down...

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