The Uncanny X-Men #351

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #351 - Hours and Minutes released by Marvel on January 1, 1998.

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    Cecilia Reyes tries to return to her life as a "normal" human. But an encounter with Pyro may force her to reconsider.

    Cecilia Reyes takes her leave of the X-Men and the Xavier Institute to attempt to get her life back together. Logan gives her a ride into the New York City's Mother of Mercy hospital on his motorcycle. She meets with chief of staff Dr. Gibbons to explain her absence and to ask for her position back. Although not prejudiced against mutants himself, Gibbons warns her that other hospital employees and some patients may not be so understanding. Nonetheless, Gibbons offers Cecelia her job, and she accepts.

    Meanwhile, aboard an airliner bound for Anchorage, Jean Grey and Scott Summers make friends with Alaskans Chris and Staci Murphy. Their conversation, however, is interrupted by a mental intrusion into Jean's mind by something in the cargo hold.

    Back at other of Mercy, Cecelia is about to begin a surgery when she is pulled away by Gibbons; the patient's family does not want her in the operating room. She then learns someone on the operating team informed the family she is a mutant. After storming away, she comes across a boy awaiting treatment for a gunshot wound. His mother begs her for help, and she performs an emergency operation.

    At lunchtime, Cecelia joins some old friends at their table, but they get up and leave. Later, she is called to perform emergency surgery, and arrives to find her patient is Pyro, who was shot while robbing a bank. Also suffering from the Legacy Virus, Pyro's flame burns out of control. Still, Cecilia treats his wounds successfully and has the strapped-down Pyro moved to an observation room over the protests of the police.

    That same afternoon, at a dockside warehouse, something green and reptilian bursts out of a recently delivered crate.

    Cecilia's day proceeds as she encounters a variety of cases and attitudes. At one point she is surprised by Daredevil, who enters through a window and asks her to treat an infected gunshot wound in his side. As she works, they discuss having super powers, and Daredevil tells her she should not deny her mutant gift.

    Later, after being thanked by the family of the boy who was shot, she checks on Pyro. Convincing Cecilia he's in pain from his bonds, she loosens them, and he escapes. Cecilia confesses her error to Gibbons, who promptly fires her. She returns to Xavier's, and after being welcomed back by Logan and Storm, she collapses onto her bed, exhausted.



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    A day in the life of a mutant Doctor 0

      Quote: “That’s fine. This isn’t the only place I’m needed” Cecelia Synopsis: Our story opens with the beautiful Dr. Reyes rising for a day of adventure and action….aww wait… make that a day of trying to get her life back in order. Her normal life that is, the life of a doctor. You see she was ousted as a mutant before all of her human co-workers during operation zero Tolerance (O.Z.T for short tim). She hitches a ride from Wolverine into town and is somewhat taken aback that they can ta...

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