The Uncanny X-Men #322

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #322 - Dark Walk released by Marvel on July 1, 1995.

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    Who stopped the Juggernaut?

    Archangel is contacted by Charlotte Jones in response to a hate crime, mutant on human. Meanwhile, after a movie, Beast and Bishop witness Juggernaut fall from the sky. They, and later Psylocke, investigate and find a now-stoppable Juggernaut. He's frenzied and warns the X-Men of a being that could throw him from Canada to New Jersey: Onslaught.


    When a mutant-on-human crime happens at a dance club, Charlotte Jones calls Archangel in to get his take on the situation. Tensions are high at the crime scene, with some cops feeling the need to exact revenge on any mutant. Upon entering the club, Archangel is met with a grisly scene - humans ripped apart and sprawled across the dance floor, which is only made worse when he flies over the scene to get a full picture of it all. He has never seen anything so terrible.

    At the Xavier Institute, Storm wanders the grounds musing on Rogue and Gambit. She finds Wolverine and tries to talk him into rejoining the team inside. The two are interrupted by Siryn, who informs her that while Cable and Professor X discuss some things, X-Force is available to help. The two women head back.

    In Hoboken, New Jersey, Beast and Bishop exit a screening of "Pulp Fiction" and Beast tries to explain the idea of escapism. The two are surprised when the Juggernaut falls like a comet into the neighborhood. He appears to be unconscious.

    Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey visit her father. She expresses regret for being unable to save her sister from the Phallanx. Mr. Grey assures her that all is as it should be. As Cyclops and Jean leave, an ominous figure watches unnoticed.

    Back in New Jersey, Psylocke joins Bishop and Beast in inspecting the apparently dead Juggernaut. Juggernaut quickly snaps out of it and lashes out at the X-Men. Psylocke is able to get a reading of intense fear, and Juggernaut backs this up with paranoid talk about an unknown foe coming to kill them all. Bishop channels enough electricity into the already weak Juggernaut, which motivates the villain to start talking rationally. The X-Men learn that Juggernaut had encountered a new enemy in Canada and that this enemy had apparently punched Juggernaut so hard that he flew from Canada to New Jersey. The enemy's name: Onslaught.


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