The Uncanny X-Men #321

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #321 - Legion Quest Part 3: Auld Lang Syne released by Marvel on February 1, 1995.

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    Jean and Cable must use an amplifying machine to send a message to the X-Men in the past and warn them of coming danger.

    Story continued from X-Men #40. In the past, Magneto and Xavier discuss the theoried "homo-superior" in a bar before protecting a crippled performer and partaking in an old fashioned bar fight. In the present, Xavier and Jean Grey get hooked up to a Shi'ar machine that will allow them to channel Cable through time in order to alert the time-lost X-Men to the threat Legion poses to the universe. Back in the past, Cable finds the X-Men and tries to trigger their memories. And, at the hospital, Xavier and Magneto run into Legion, who promises death to Magneto. Continues in Cable #20.


    Twenty years in the past, a young Charles Xavier and Magneto amicably discuss their differing views on where a rumored "homo superior" would fit in the world. Their friendship is cemented when some bar punks begin picking on a crippled man. The two take some licks but eventually beat up the fourteen trouble-makers.

    In the present, Professor Xavier, Jean Grey, and Cable are hooked up to a Shi'ar machine that should allow Cable's psyche to travel into the Professor's past while Jean holds all the pieces together. The machine is turned on and a huge, brilliant beam of light lets all know that at least something is happening.

    Back in the past, it has been three weeks since Storm, Psylocke, Iceman, and Bishop followed Legion into Israel. Three weeks and they still don't know exactly who they are beyond their names and an idea that they have powers. Bishop grows impatient with Psylocke, who is trying to probe Storm's mind for answers while Bishop and Iceman work. He heads back to work but is confronted by a blinding flash of light. It is Cable and the chronally displaced mutants - not recognizing their friend from their future - try to attack his astral form. Cable expels a large amount of energy with the charge to "Remember" and is gone in a flash. The four mutants collapse.

    Meanwhile, Xavier and Magneto discuss their future plans and Charles just can't see a future without Gabrielle Haller. He decides to tell her of his true feelings and the two men head towards the hospital. Unbeknownst to them, Legion seems to have learned a bit more about his purpose for being in the past and approaches Gabrielle, his mother. He takes on the form and Charles Xavier and apparently seduces her, which puts her in distress. Charles senses this and the two men run and find Gabrielle in a state of shock. Legion reveals himself and explains that he is going to kill Magneto.


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