The Uncanny X-Men #320

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #320 - Legion Quest Part 1: The Son Rises In The East released by Marvel on January 1, 1995.

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    While battling Legion in the Negev Desert, the X-Men are transported back in time!

    Continued from X-Factor #109. Legion is in Israel and is sane. That's a bad thing because he is ten times more powerful than his father Professor X and his actions seem to be quite hostile. The X-Men, PLO, and Israeli armies attempt to stop him but can't phase him. He takes Storm back in time to Egypt and forces her to watch the plane that killed her mother crash into her building. The X-Men try to pump Bishop full of energy to take on Legion, but instead the team anchors themselves and all are taken with Legion back in time to where he intends to help make Xavier's dream become a reality. In the Shi'ar Empire, Jahf the Watcher delivers a cryptic message to Lilandra: the end of all that is. Story continues in X-Men #40.


    In the Israeli desert, Storm, Psylocke, Iceman, Bishop, and Jean Grey attempt to confront Legion, but the boy acts as if they are invisible. Storm summons the strongest storm of her life to no effect. Bishop is unable to absorb any of Legion's bounteous energy, and the others are left unable to do a single thing.

    Flashback: The five arrive in Israel to a welcome party of Israeli and Palestinian soldiers. Gabrielle Haller quickly briefs the team on Legion's awakening and apparently healed mind. The local militaries have been useless against Legion's increased powers, which seem to be focused in a dark dome in the desert. Owing their lives to Legion's father, Charles Xavier, the mutants head out to face Legion head on.

    In the present, Legion finally decides to pay attention to Storm. He funnels his powers and takes Storm into the past, to the very moment where Storm's mother dies. He informs her that his powers are now sufficient that he can play with time at his very whim. He goads her into thinking she can save her mother. Legion, of course, doesn't permit this to happen, as he zaps the two back into the present. Soberly, Legion explains that he is going to use this power to go back to "mutantkind's most critical moment". Bishop attacks and absorbs what energy he can, but is quickly repelled. He was enough of a distraction, however, that Jean and Iceman get a hit in. The team wonders at his last words...

    Flashback: As the five fly out to meet Legion in the desert, he wrecks their ship and informs them that he is a singular personality who is going to fortify mutantkind's foundation.

    In the present, Storm realizes that Legion must be talking about going back in time to ensure Charles Xaviers's dream becomes a reality. She orders Psylocke to link to Legion's mind by going through the energy Bishop has absorbed. The link is made and Storm accompanies Psylocke, Bishop, and Iceman through the time vortex created by Legion. Jean is weak and left along. She sends out a faint distress signal to Professor Xavier.

    On Chandilar in the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra rests for the first time in a while. This sleep is interrupted, however, by Jahf. He informs her that the M'Kraan Crystal, the nexus of all realities, is in danger due to the impending "all that is".



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    This issue is constructed oddly perfect. Within this one issue we have the present mixing it up with the barely past. One scene is from about 20 minutes before, then it shifts to the actual present, and then back to a few minutes ago. It's not confusing and it prepares the reader for what they must expect from this event, just on a bigger scale.The gem of this event is the scope and consequence of what Legion is up to. He aims to eradicate Magneto from history to allow Xavier's dream to be reali...

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