The Uncanny X-Men #319

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #319 - Untapped Potential released by Marvel on December 1, 1994.

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    Iceman and Rogue travel to Iceman's home. Meanwhile, a romance between Pyslocke and Archangel blooms.

    Prelude to Legion Quest.

    Archangel and Psylocke have a night on the town and end up thinking outside the hero-relationship box. Rogue and Iceman take a trip to visit Iceman's parents, but leave when the father is nothing more than a bigot. Professor Xavier dreams of a meeting with Magneto. It is then revealed that Legion is back and healthy, and that may not be the best thing. Story continues in X-Factor #109.


    Rogue can tell that something is on Iceman's mind, as she looks out at a very intricately sculpted ice feature. Iceman admits that he rues his relationship with his father and that he is beginning to buy into the notion that he has slacked his whole life.

    Inside Xavier's Institute, the Professor dreams that he is in the Israeli desert. Magneto is there and the two reminisce about life and how different things would have been if Magneto had not gotten in the way.

    Iceman schedules a dinner with his parents and Rogue offers to drive him. The two clash over Rogue's relationship with Gambit and she begins to see Iceman's point that Gambit is not all that truthful with her. They are interrupted at the Drake household by Mr. Drake, who accuses them of making out. Mrs. Drake invites everyone in for dinner.

    In the Starlight Room in New York, Psylocke fulfills a lifelong dream to sing in front of a crowd. She and Archangel exit the room to applause. On a balcony, he admits that he has feelings for her. Psylocke feels the same way and the two fly off together into the night.

    Dinner at the Drake house is not going well, as Mr. Drake brings up one of Iceman's old girlfriends, Opal (whom he call "Topal"). Rogue wonders if they should leave, but an argument breaks out between the two men that needs to run its course. At the end of it all, Mr. Drake can't seem to stand mutants. Iceman storms out of the house while Rogue quietly exits.

    In his dream, the Professor and Magneto continue discussing life without Magneto. Magneto urges the Professor to contemplate a world in which peace is possible because he is not around to taint the Professor's endeavors. Xavier refuses to believe this. The men are separated by the appearance of Legion, the Professor's son.

    Archangel and Psylocke land on a rooftop for a quick dance. They decide to be in love, or, rather, that they will allow themselves to feel what they have been suppressing. They kiss and promise to be there for each other.

    On a beach, Iceman wonders where he got his moral compass, as it clearly did not come from his bigot father. He finishes a sand castle with Rogue before they head back home.

    Answering a psionic call for help, Beast awakens the Professor from his dream. Xavier informs Beast that Legion must be awake from his coma with a healed mind. This alarms the Professor, as no one knows the extent of Legion's powers, especially now that Legion may be focusing all his endeavors on an unknown project.



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