The Uncanny X-Men #318

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #318 - Moving Day released by Marvel on November 1, 1994.

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    The X-Men's resident mall rat Jubilation Lee has had many adventures with those who have become her friends and extended family now she must leave the team she has called her home for so long to be with students her own age and learn better control of her power with the mutants of Generation-X......A story of growing up and moving on!


    Skin exists Xavier's school and tries to hitchhike. Unfortunately, he is on an access road so the only ride he can hitch is from Beast. Skin reluctantly gets in the car on the terms that Beast not try to persuade him to stick around. Skin is quickly annoyed by Beast's flippancy and argues that life sucks. His skin starts growing due to his frustration and Beast hands the kid the car keys. Skin drives away in a huff.

    Back at the school, Cyclops and Jean Grey discuss their honeymoon with Professor Xavier and wonder if they should tell Cable that they were his adoptive parents. They also relay information regarding a prototype of Stryfe's Legacy Virus that they discovered in the future. Professor Xavier then suffers some mental distress. He attributes this to the loss of some of his life's work when the Danger Room was destroyed in a battle with the Phalanx, as well as his attempt to adequately absorb the ten years of information Cyclops and Jean have given him from their time in the future. He takes leave to get some rest.

    At the mall, M treats Jubilee, Husk, and Synch to some new clothes. Husk is shocked when she sees the price tag on her outfit; even more-so when M pays without batting an eye. Across the thoroughfare, Bishop and Storm give Banshee a pep talk regarding his new position as the headmaster of the latest mutant training school.

    On Xavier's lawn, Emma Frost directs some workers in the placement of a new school sign. She is drawn away, however, by Iceman. Iceman is confused, as Emma - when she had possessed his body - was able to do things with Iceman's powers that he did not even know were possible. She berates Iceman for his failures in even attempting to push the boundaries of his powers and enters his mind to give him another taste of his potential. Instead of turning to smooth ice, Iceman transforms into a powerful-looking spiked being. Emma then leaves him on the lawn and hopes he can figure out these powers for himself before the desire for the abilities drives him crazy.

    Inside, Jubilee has returned and has packed her bags. Archangel enters her room and tries to give her counsel. Jubilee lashes out that Archangel - Mr. Never-Emotes - is the last person who should be coming to her to proffer advice. She lectures him on the need to open up to others while admitting that she's just being a brat. The two hug it out.

    At the estate's boat house, Gambit helps Cyclops move in. Cyclops and Jean have been given the house so as to have a more private dwelling. Gambit admits that he is jealous of Cyclops. Cyclops tries to deflect this by bringing up Gambit's relationship with Rogue, but Gambit clearly does not want to talk about it.

    In the driveway, Banshee prepares to leave. Professor Xavier gives him some last words of counsel about trusting Emma Frost. Jubilee comes out to bid the Professor goodbye, but only on the condition that he not speak (or else she'll cry). She whispers her thanks and then she and Banshee drive away. Skin then drives up in Beast's car and asks to be considered for the new school. Professor Xavier welcomes him and instructs him to quickly drive and catch up with Banshee.

    As Skin drives away, Professor Xavier reflects on the mantle he has passed on to Banshee as the sun sets.


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