The Uncanny X-Men #297

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #297 - X-Cutioner's Song Epilogue Songs End - Up and Around released by Marvel on February 1, 1993.

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    Professor X has the ability to use his legs back as a result of the T-O virus Stryfe infected him with. Jubilee takes him rollerblading, Gambit tries to make out with Rogue, and Beast and Archangel rebuild Harry's Hideaway destroyed by Caliban.


    Archangel and Beast: The two arrive at the scene of Harry's Hideaway with the intent to fix up the place. The place has a special place in the hearts of the X-Men and the two want to be able to preserve the memories, as well as have the place in tact for future teams. The place looks hopeless after Caliban's attack demolished the place, but Beast pulls out some advanced tools designed by Forge and the two begin working.

    The men reminisce on old school days and Beast reminds Archangel that he wrote one of his papers. Archangel recalls that the instructions for this particular paper were changed at the last minute and Professor X asked each student to deliver their reports mentally. Beast is unable to hold back the truth and admits that he tipped off the Professor. Archangel can't believe it and sprays the Beast with wood varnish.

    As the bar gets repaired, the two share their tales of self-inclicted woe: Archangel becoming a horseman of Apocalypse and Beast trying to tamper with his genetics. The men are interrupted by a police officer who barges into the bar thinking to apprehend trespassers on condemned property. Archangel and Beast's image-inducers change their appearance to construction workers and they calm the officer's fears of trespassers by producing working permits to reconstruct the bar. The officer is appeased and compliments the men on their work. He leaves and Archangel and Beast wrap up their tasks.

    Rogue and Gambit: Sitting atop the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Rogue laments both the loss of her sight (thanks to Strobe) and her inability to truly connect with anyone. Gambit approaches and tries to soothe her mind. She initially pushes him away but then opens up to him about her frustrations. She expresses that she'd love to be with him, but she knows she can't. Gambit takes the risk and reaches out to touch her. Rogue gets angry and smacks his hand away and demands that he respect her. He doesn't know what to say and walks away. He later returns with a blanket and wraps her in it with the promise that everything is going to be okay.

    Jubilee and Professor X: Jubilee enjoys the freedom the X-Men's rest affords by rollerblading around the school grounds. She is startled and falls to the ground and sees Professor X standing on the lawn. Jubilee is surprised to see him as such and he explains that the techno-organic virus temporarily healed his back. He plans to use the time he has left walking to enjoy some of the finer things in life - like feeling grass between his toes. Jubilee mentions that, in her opinion, the finer things in life include learning to rollerblade. He reluctantly agrees to let her teach him and he soon admits that he is enjoying himself. Jubilee is glad but then asks for forgiveness as she pulls him off the pier and into the water.

    As the two towel off, Jubilee admits that she can see a bit of normalcy in Professor X. He thanks her for the oddly stated compliment and informs her that he has had a great time. He begins walking back to the house and begins to stumble. Jubilee can see that the positive effects of the techno-organic virus are wearing off and she fights her pride (while ignoring his) by rushing to his side and helping him back into his wheelchair.



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    This is the best comic issue I have ever read.  As an epilogue to a great crossover, Uncanny X-Men 297 has the perfect mood: quiet.  Some might argue the issue needs Cyclops and Jean to reflect on what just happened to them: perhaps, but they already did that in X-Force 18.  Now is the time for the other refrains of the song to reach their codas.  Rogue and Gambit spend some time together as she recovers (on the roof) from her temporary blinding in the crossover, though in a way that finally all...

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