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This issue does a fair amount with not much material - which is impressive considering the couple of flaws in it.  The beginning is confusing, made more so by the incorrect footnote from Bob Harras on page one.  When did Cyclops and Jean encounter the Dark Riders?  The missing footnote on page 22 (though the issue doesn't have page numbers for some reason) - the references to years-ago back issues are more important than references to issues in the same crossover.  It's also a bit confusing how the Dark Riders got to the moon so quickly from Egypt, after Stryfe just swayed them over in the previous episode.  Aside from those aspects, this issue does have some good moments.  The "story thus far" recap by Bishop, Cable, and Wolverine is interesting enough to prevent being tedious.  Cyclops and Jean's kiss before the head into more danger is another great aspect of their good relationship in the good ol' days, before more recent writers felt free to destroy one of the best things about the X-Men and the Marvel Universe.  It's about time Scott and Jean finally got to do something substantial for the first time since the first part of the crossover.  Stryfe's reaction to their sacrificial response to his test is great, even though one could make the argument not enough time in the series has been given to him and them.  Some might prefer his realization to be in subconscious thought bubbles instead of editorial rectangles, but that is not as important as the event itself.  Stryfe is no longer certain Scott and Jean abandoned him...what has he left now?

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