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Though this will sound rather hyperbolic, Uncanny X-Men #294 is about as close to perfect as a comic book can get.  The better issues of comics, for me, fall in two categories: monumental (and believable), significant changes and laid-back, "day in the life" episodes - admittedly, two ends of a rather vast spectrum.  UXM 294 has both.  For most of the issue, we see various X-Teams going about their day: Scott and Jean are relaxing at Harry's Hideaway, Bobby and Peter are shopping for groceries, Warren is on a date, Guido, Jamie, and Pietro are sitting down to watch Charles Xavier on television.  Bishop and Rogue are on perimeter detail, discussing previous occurrances (it's always nice when the characters act like they remember events from previous issues), and so are Ororo and Remy (two unlikely pairings), all surreptitiously guarding Xavier as he prepares to address the gathered crowd about unwarranted mutant bigotry.  As is often the case, these relaxed "day in the life" experiences are interrupted: Scott and Jean are attacked and kidnapped by Apocalypse's Horseman and Stryfe (pretending to be Cable) shoots Xavier in front of everyone.  Just like that, the relaxing day becomes the beginning of a very good and vastly underrated cross-over: The X-Cutioner's Song.  The only thing that prevents this from being a full five-star issue is the ambiguity of Scott and Jean's kidnapping: one moment the roof is collapsing, the next we are told they have been spirited away - a minor confusion, but it is still confusing.  Other than that, the issue is remarkable for its brief character moments and its scenes of conflict and tension.

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