The Uncanny X-Men #282

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #282 - Payback released by Marvel on November 1991.

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    The X-Men have returned to the mansion with the body of Jean Grey. But is Jean really dead? Professor X has the answer...

    The X-Men take Jean to the Mansion. Professor X explains that Jean is not dead, because he would have sensed it. Professor X believes that Jean transferred her mind into Emma Frost's body.

    Trevor Fitzroy brings Shinobi Shaw Donald Pierce's head and takes Shaw's place as King. Fitzroy uses the life energy of the captured Hellions to open a portal. The X-Men arrive and battle Fitzroy. Bishop, Malcolm, and Randall come through the open portal donned in X-Men clothing.

    Note: Bishop's first appearance.


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