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    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #272 - The X-Tinction Agenda (Part 7): Capital Crimes released by Marvel on January 1991.

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    Continued from X-Factor #61. The trial of the century begins, as Genosha tries to pass judgment on the X-Men and their contemporaries. Due to a courtroom disturbance, the X-Men are placed in the hands of Hodge. Yet, for having been so successful in capturing his prey, Hodge must now account for the variables that he did not plan for: the Genegineer, Havok, and the mutate Storm. Their combined forces could overthrow what Hodge had accomplished, but not without a fight, of course.

    Story continues in New Mutants #97.


    On the island nation of Genosha, the X-Men and their counterparts are on trial for crimes against the state. As the Chief Presiding Justice begins the trial Wolverine busts free and attempts to get at the Justice. He is successful in knocking the Magistrates out of commission, but he is not successful in getting past Storm, the one person in the room with powers intact (though she's a mindless Genoshan mutate slave). The Justice then orders the mutants to be put in the charge of Cameron Hodge.

    In Hodge's custody, Cable and Gambit revolt in unison and Cable ends up with a Magistrate gun. He turns to fire upon Hodge but finds that Hodge has placed Psylocke between himself and Cable's gun. Cable and Gambit are reshackled and Hodge threatens to remove Cable's eye (which is glowing for one of the first times). Psylocke can't take the abuse anymore and offers herself to the mutate bonding process. Havok leads her away. Meanwhile, Hodge has place Archangel and Wolverine in a pit and forces them to fight one another through some neurological harness. The fight is brutal and the other mutants have no choice but to watch. After a few minutes, however, Hodge grows tired and leaves the fight to work his revenge on someone else.

    In the Genegineer's office, Hodge finds that the doctor is gone. To find his whereabouts, Hodge interfaces with the Genegineer's CPU. Hodge finds a plot against him by the Genegineer. Putting his own plans into motion, he pretends to be the Genegineer and calls Wipeout to his office.

    Outside, Jubilee has effectively blown Boom-Boom bio suit off. Before she can get to Rictor's, the three see the Genegineer and a mutate tunneling into a building. They follow. Inside, Psylocke breaks free and takes out the Magistrates escorting her. She steals a gun and begins crawling through the vents.

    Back where the mutants are being held, Cyclops explains that Psylocke gave him a look and he hopes that her plan, whatever it was, has worked. Gambit has a spike in his leg and Cyclops tells him to do his thing. Gambit extracts the spike with his teeth, drops it to his feet, then uses the spike to release him from his shackles. He then frees everyone. Meanwhile, Havok, having been called to the Genegineer's office, finds Wipeout dead. Wolfsbane lies for Hodge and tells everyone that Havok killed Wipeout.

    Chief Magistrate Anderson instructs her soldiers to be on the lookout, but the warning comes too late. Hodge has learned of the Genegineer's plans to get rid of Hodge and Anderson right in the middle of the plan. Hodge attacks and Psylocke busts out the vent cover and peppers Hodge with bullets. Anderson hands mutate Storm up to Psylocke and Psylocke threatens to leave. Anderson convinces her otherwise, as Storm, she says, holds the key to restoring the X-Men's powers.

    In the other room, Jean Grey steps between Archangel and Wolverine and stops the fight. Just then, Anderson barges in and orders mutate Storm to "get" Cyclops. She pulls Cyclops towards herself and touches his head. His eyes begin to burn and he realizes that he's getting his powers back. Not only that, but Storm has resurfaced from her mutate state and into her former, adult body. Hodge then barges in. Cyclops gives him a plasma blast, to which Hodge threatens with his own turn.


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    I think the X-Men books are the best of the three teams involved in the X-Tinction Agenda story arc, but this issue had me scratching my head a little bit.  The art and writing in this portion of the arc has been the best, yet I can't get over one scene in which Archangel and Wolverine fight each other.  In the last X-Factor issue, Wolverine (without his healing powers) was lying on a bed with blood dripping everywhere.  Jean could feel Logan dying.  Yet, for all this pathos, Wolverine is still ...

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