The Uncanny X-Men #269

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #269 - Rogue Redux released by Marvel on October 1, 1990.

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    Rogue has returned to the X-Men's base in the Australian outback after being spat out by the Siege Perilous. However, her return is met with bad news and a team in disarray. Rogue must battle the life-force of Carol Danvers after losing some of her Ms. Marvel abilities.

    Rogue is thrown out from the Siege Perilous and lands in the Australian Outback at the X-Men‘s base. Rouge is confused as she has learned that Mystique has been murdered, she has lost her Ms. Marvel powers, and that the HQ is back in the hands of the Reavers.

    Carol Danvers now has a body of her own again and while she fights the Reavers, Rogue absorbs Gateway’s powers to teleport herself and Danvers away. Carol ends up on Muir Isle and falls under the control of the Shadow King and is sent after Rogue.

    Rogue has ended up in the Savage Land and soon attacked by a shadow king possessed Ms. Marvel. Rogue wins but doesn’t want to take Carol’s life a second time. Ms. Marvel almost kills Rogue but is saved by Magneto.


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