The Uncanny X-Men #259

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #259 - Dream a Little Dream released by Marvel on March 1, 1990.

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    Colossus saves two Genoshan fugitives who have come under trouble with the law. Meanwhile, an amnesiac Dazzler pursues a movie career in Hollywood. But who really holds the strings to her future success? And what desperate measures will she take to become a bona fide star?

    Phil Moreau and Jenny Ransome, fugitives from Genosha, are about to be kidnapped by Genoshan Magistrates, when an amnesiac Colossus suddenly shows up and intervenes on their behalf. Grateful, Phil and Jenny offer him a place to stay. In Hollywood, an equally amnesiac Dazzler awakes on the property of her former boss, Lila Cheney, and is taken in by Lila’s guard Guido. Trying to figure out who she is, Alison goes clubbing and meets Fred Stanachek, a young man whom she once helped and who currently holds the rights to her aborted movie. Fred offers to make her a star, while elsewhere Eric Beale schemes to kill her. On Muir Island, Moira has David Haller use Cerebro to find the X-Men or her missing bodyguard, Callisto. David fails but, above him, a spirit image of Amahl Farouk appears, uttering the words ‘Storm’ and ‘Cairo.’ Callisto, in the meantime, is a prisoner of Masque, who promises that he’ll break her. A short time later, a gorgeous woman, who Peter has seen on several ads, runs into him and Peter notices she’s afraid of something. In the meantime, the Genoshan Genegineer and Chief Magistrate decide to get the fugitives back at any cost.


    Some Genoshan Magistrates bully Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome into a room in New York. Jenny is a mutate from Genosha who has escaped with her boyfriend, who also happens to be the son of Genosha's Genegineer. One of the Magistrates, Pipeline, prepares a link to teleport the ex-patriots to Genosha while another plays bully. He orders Jenny to strip to her skinsuit and she is powerless to do otherwise. Phillip is aghast at how easily the Magistrates can control his girlfriend. His words of dismay earn some punches. Before things can get too out of hand, a strange figure (stark naked) intervenes and fights the Magistrates. The mysterious figure and a Magistrate nearly fall out of a window. Phillip is able to stop the fight, however, by threatening a Magistrate with a dropped gun.

    Later, the mysterious man is cared for at a local hospital. Phillip asks the mysterious man to stay with he and Jenny as a payback for the earlier help. Meanwhile, Pipeline and the other Genoshan Magistrates and taken escorted away by police officers.

    In California, Fred Stanachek rifles through some old belongings of Dazzler's that he won at an auction. Among the assorted things is a Dazzler movie that was never finished. Across town, Guido makes the rounds at Lila Cheney's house and comes across a woman passed out in the sand. To his shock, it appears to be Alison, better known as the believed-dead Dazzler. Guido takes her up to the house and gets her medical attention. Oddly enough, no sensor can detect Dazzler's presence.

    Somewhere completely different, Masque is taking pictures of a supposedly marred Callisto.

    The landlord for Phillip and Jenny is at first wary of the mysterious stranger joining the two in the apartment. In the end, he plays nice and lets the three stay together. The mysterious stranger finally explains what he can about himself: all he remembers is his name (Peter Nicholas) and that he helped the two get away from the Magistrates. Everything else is a mystery. Peter then gets side-tracked by looking at a billboard boasting the most beautiful woman in the world.

    Fred Stanachek is pursuing his idea of finishing the Dazzler movie. He meets with several executives to explain why it should be made. When all is said and done, Fred is a bit morose since Dazzler won't be around to see the finished product. He isn't aware that Dazzler has been found and has been recuperating out at Lila's house. She has no memory of her past life and tries to jog her memory with old videos of her performing in Lila's band. As a final move, she goes out for a night on the town in hopes of something sparking her brain into remembering her past.

    On Muir Island, Legion is hooked up to a Cerebro unit in hopes of finding the lost X-Men. Instead of probing the globe, psionic backlash hits the observers and the Shadow King makes an appearance. He calls for Storm.

    Back in New York, Peter runs right into the woman from the billboard. She had run headlong into him and then left just as hastily. Peter offers to help but is spurned. Unable to get her out of his mind, Peter goes to work on the apartment window. Phillip tries to talk Peter out of obsessing over the woman when he learns that Peter is quite the artist. Meanwhile, Phillip's father, the Genegineer, orders that any means be used to get his Magistrates out of prison.

    Out on the town, Dazzler has a run-in with an astonished Fred Stanachek. Since the guy is kind of familiar, Dazzler leaves the bar with him to go to a jazz bar where Fred has a gig. After a while, Fred invites Dazzler onto the stage. Nervous at first, Dazzler gives a very soothing and moving performance. As the crowd is getting warmed up, however, a robbery is staged and the crowd is threatened by goons with guns. Dazzler takes it all in stride and uses her light powers to disarm the foes. News gets out about the incident. Eric Beale is watching and he feels that now is the time to kill Dazzler himself.


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