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Good, but needs more Wolverine. 0

Never thought I would find myself saying this, but this issue in particular needs more (most people are sick of him). Anyway, the only reason I say this is that the cover leads one to believe that Wolverine takes on the Mandarin in one on one combat. But that doesn't exactly happen. It's actually more of Psylocke vs Mandarin, with Wolverine getting the jump on him when he isn't looking. Otherwise, the action is pretty good. Jim Lee is an amazing artist, and perfectly complements Claremont's writ...

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X-Cutioner's Song 0

AF Reviews: Acts of VengeanceThings come to a head when Jubilee, Psylocke and Wolverine all wind up captives of the Mandarin and the Hand in Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's final part of the highly regarded, but absolutely horrific, Lady Mandarin trilogy.This plods the beautifully drawn but abysmally written story along to it's conclusion. I like Psylocke, I do, and I was really hoping to at least like something about this story but other than the art, it's just not good. Despite him being hailed ...

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