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In the service of the Hand and the Mandarin, the brain-washed Psylocke establishes herself as Lady Mandarin, reestablishing the Mandarin's control over the Hong Kong underworld.

Lady Mandarin (Psylocke) demands that the Lords of the Hong Kong Underworld again swear fealty to Mandarin. They protest and try to have their henchmen kill her. She easily defeats the henchmen and the Lords swear a new oath to Mandarin.

Jubilee and Wolverine soon arrive in Hong Kong as well. Wolverine is using his Madripoor identity of Patch to move about in disguise. Wolverine is still badly injured from his torture at the hands of the Reavers and still talking to figments of his imagination that look like Nick Fury and Carol Danvers.

Meanwhile, in Cario, Illinois a young mutant who looks like Storm is wanted for the murder of Dr. Stuart Hayden. The mutant did not actually kill Dr. Hayden but is being framed by the Shadow King. She is alone and on the run.

Wolverine and Julie go to Rosie Carling's place (an old flame) for information. Jubilee meets Rose's granddaughter Ruth and they go out shopping so Rose and Wolverine can talk alone. He is told that the Mandarin is consolidating power.

Psylocke continues to train her combat skills against agents of the Hand. Lord Jonin (Matsuo Tsurayaba) gives Psylocke the mission to determine why "Patch" has arrived in Hong Kong. He is concerned they "Patch" is an emissary of Tyger Tiger.

While Jubilee and Ruth are out exploring Hong Kong they are captured by the Hand.

On Muir Island, Forge is finishing upgrades to the island's fortifications. Banshee is concerned with Moira's sudden behavior change. Polaris feels it is all a manifestation of her lost magnetic powers and Legion begins to put a plan in motion to make all of Muir Island his personal playground.

Wolverine is attacked by the Hand on the ship that brought him and Jubilee to Hong Kong. Lady Mandarin uses Jubilee (through mind control) to distract Wolverine. They fight, with Wolverine shattering her helmet. He recognizes Lady Mandarin as Psylocke and pauses. She drives a psychic blade into his head and renders him unconscious. She is ecstatic that he has captured one of the Hand's greatest enemies.

(to be continued)


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X-Tinction Vengeance 0

AF Reviews: Acts of VengeanceI Am Lady Mandarin by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee is another tie-in to Acts of Vengeance that has nothing to do with the crossover and instead gives us more Psylocke.I like Psylocke. And the fact this is one of her most important stories is just discomforting. This is just more of the same old garbage that Claremont was tossing out during this era of X-Men yet again. Other than seeing a beautifully drawn Psylocke kicking ass, there's no merit whatsoever to this issue...

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