The Uncanny X-Men #256

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #256 - The Key That Breaks The Locke released by Marvel on December 1, 1989.

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    Brain-washed X-Man Psylocke has been hired out as an assassin for The Mandarin. What follows is a nightmarish Mojoverse transformation for Psylocke. Witness the strange origin of Betsey Braddock's transformation into Japanese ninja.

    In Hong Kong, Matsuo Tsurayaba approaches the Mandarin with an offer of an alliance between his organization and the Hand, a ruthless clan of assassins. Matsuo's deal is for the Hand to help the Mandarin build an empire unparalleled by any in the past, in exchange for gainful employment in its service. To begin their alliance, Matsuo offers a gift; that of an ultimate assassin. This assassin is the long missing Psylocke, who has emerged from the Siege Perilous amnesiac and found by the Hand.

    Her body has been transformed into an asian one. However, before Psylocke can become the pawn the Hand requires, Matsuo puts Psylocke through a telepathic brainwashing that forces her, within her mind, to fight and kill her old teammates.

    Part of her astral battles takes place in the Body Shoppe run by Spiral and Mojo, suggesting their involvement in the physical changes made to her body.


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    Fall of the Vengeance 0

    AF Reviews: Acts of VengeancePsylocke gets a sexy new body in Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's Uncanny X-Men tie-in to Acts of Vengeance. But concurrently she's also brainwashed to work for the Mandarin.Jim Lee's art in this issue is absolutely incredible. Psylocke looks ridiculously hot in almost every panel and lil' Psylocke and everything Psylocke looks great as well. Also, Psylocke is in it. The issue just isn't very good though. Spending almost it's entirety in a twisted world of fractured and...

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