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There's a new X-team line-up! Featuring Banshee, Moira MacTaggert, Legion, Amanda Sefton and Polaris. With unique skill-sets and abilities, this new roster will be handling the many threats that endanger mutantkind, and taking some of the load off the regular X-team.

Amanda Sefton and Alysande arrive at Muir Island right before it is under attack by the Reavers. The many residents (some Morlocks, Warpies, Legion) try to defend themselves as good as they can, yet some are captured, injured and Sunder is even killed. In New York, Callisto fulfills her task to seal off Xavier’s underground complex. Val Cooper sends Freedom Force along with Forge to help the people on Muir Island.


In the lab of Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Polaris undergoes experiments to see the extent of the damage received at the hands of Zaladane. The results show that no trace of "Malice" is left, but Polaris no longer has her magnetic powers. Further, Moira can't figure out how Polaris is absorbing energy and growing. She hopes that further tests will shed some light on the situation.

In Ullapool, Banshee meets up with Amanda Sefton and Brigadier Alysande Stuart. Alysande and Banshee exchange words as if they've butted heads before. The three enter Banshee's boat and begin the quick trip to Muir Island. Along the way, however, a group of commandos shoots Banshee in the back. He falls in the water and Amanda dives in after him. The group then aims at Alysande. Amanda grabs her before the boat is destroyed. Underwater, Alysande sees Amanda has transformed herself into a mer-person. Amanda changes Alysande, as well, and the two find Banshee. Amanda then teleports the trio right into Moira's medi-lab. Moira tells Polaris, Amanda, Alysande, Tom Corsi, and Sharon Friedlander to suit up for a potential attack on the island. Amanda tries to whip up uniforms on the spot, but the result is a less-than-protective and very revealing number for each member. Upset, Moira commands the team to get to the locker rooms to change into some appropriate uniforms.

In New York, Callisto has been given the task of sealing off the underground passages of the Xavier mansion. Masque, wanting the secrets Xavier's holds, captures Callisto and tortures her for the information. Seeing that she won't give in, Masque plays with Callisto's face, severely disfiguring it.

Back on Muir Island, a room full of Warpies and Morlocks is attacked by the Reavers. Skullbuster, Bonebreaker, and Pretty Boy barge in and begin shooting. Legion throws up a shield to protect everyone as they escape, although, for reasons unknown, he diminishes the shield to allow bullets to strike Sunder. Tom Corsi steps in and blows out Bonebreaker's tread while Polaris begins reeling him in with a hook and chain. She begins to be successful until Legion breaks the chain. He then sets Skullbuster on fire. The Reavers retreat and Legion looks forward to another encounter.

Elsewhere, Destiny has a vision. Being able to see the future, this isn't an odd occurrence. The dream, however, is perfection. Her best friend, Mystique, is a lovely crystal sculpture. Others she's dealt with are also crystal sculptures. As she looks around, life is a big crystalline vista. She then notices that she rises above it all and can see the panoply of existence. A tear rolls down her cheek as she realizes that her time is up. The vision ends in herself turning to crystal and shattering. In the morning, Mystique enters the kitchen to see a contemplative Destiny. The phone rings and Destiny tells Mystique that it's Val Cooper with a mission for Freedom Force.

The three Reavers that took out Banshee fly towards Moira's lab to help the others already attacking. Amanda steps in and attempts to thwart their approach. The Reavers open fire on her and pulls up a mystic shield. The bullets aren't stopped, however, only slowed. She then tries to bind on of the men in some energy bonds. This only slightly works. He breaks free and Amanda realizes that her powers are only good against flesh - not flesh and metal, as the Reavers are cyborgs. The three men split up and attempt to take Amanda hostage. Before then can so Alysande opens fire. One of the Reavers fires back and collapses the cliff on which Alysande stands. Another catches her and the three march towards the lab with Amanda and Alysande as prisoners.

In Washington, Mystique learns that her mission deals with helping Forge liberate the Muir Island complex. Mystique is conflicted because Forge helped get the X-Men "killed," including Rogue. She relents and agrees to help, but only to help the Freedom Force get a much better reputation within the mutant community. Off to the side, Mystique tells Destiny that she hates the fact that she has to work with Forge. Destiny tells her that she should learn to get along with him, as their relationship is going to get close pretty quick.

In Moira's medi-lab, a Morlock healer works on Banshee. He'll live and Moira wants Banshee awakened to help with the fight. Banshee wakes up and promises to help out, despite the odd appearance of Moira.

The Reavers in the complex still have Sunder to deal with. Sunder is a bit upset that they shot him, though he is grateful that his armor helped him stay alive. Pretty Boy has the answer for that: shells meant to pierce the armor. He kills Sunder and the Reavers move off to their next objective.



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This was a curiosity comic. I'd heard about the Muir Island X-Men from my traipsing around this site and finally looked into them. The cover had plenty to puzzle over: Is that, for some very odd reason, Guido? Is the red haired gal Siryn? And a pre-X-Factor Polaris - what is that sexy green hair doing here? All these questions, and more, were answered.This review, despite its opening, isn't going to dwell how interesting it was to look at a very different time for the X-Men. Suffice it to say, C...

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