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Practically alone in the RCA Tower, Havok and Madelyne dance the night away. Their perfect night is nearly ruined, however, by a host of scientists intent on figuring out if the building is growing. They are hurriedly rushed out for their rudeness and killed in the elevator by demons. Oblivious to it all, Havok pays all his attention to Madelyne, who seems to have a very good idea as to what is happening in New York. The two kiss and then get whisked home by Gateway. Madelyne makes an excuse to end the date and Gateway teleports her away. Havok is confused at her motivations, but then comes up with a plan to help her. He accesses some computer program he has been working on with Madelyne and locates the Marauders. He informs Storm and Wolverine and the trio decides to pay back the outlaw mutant outfit.

Madelyne stands alone in a cemetery and laments her life and how Jean Grey has ruined it. Professor and Mrs. Grey show up and see Madelyne destroy Jean's headstone and cry out in shock. Madelyne turns to them and reduces them to their demonic state as N'astirh shows up. He beholds her powers - which are far greater than he had imagined - and reaffirms his promise to find Madelyne's child. They teleport away together.

In Australia, Rogue and Longshot are out for a bit of fun. Dazzler takes offense, however, especially when she sees that Rogue is wearing her clothes. The ladies spar and Rogue ends up crashing through a window and interrupting a set being painted by Colossus. Longshot is not pleased with Dazzler's actions and lets her know as he storms off.

N'astirh leads Madelyne to an orphanage in Nebraska. She is unclear as to what is happening, but her mind seems to project a baby despite the orphanage being empty. She is able to watch the baby grow and realizes that the baby is her, she being a "replicant."

In the Morlock Tunnels, the Marauders begin cleaning up the place to establish a new home for themselves. The X-Men crash the party and a fight ensues. Both sides take losses (Blockbuster gets sucked through a wall by demons) and the Marauders decide to cut and run. Polaris uses Colossus as a battering ram to make an opening to the street. The Marauders are first out with the X-Men close behind. Both teams stop when they realize that something terrible is happening in the city.

In Nebraska, Madelyne threatens N'astirh's life if won't tell her the truth behind the visions she saw. N'astirh points her to Mr. Sinister, a man who quickly declares himself as Madelyne's father.


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