The Uncanny X-Men #235

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #235 - "Welcome to Genosha" released by Marvel on October 1, 1988.

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    The X-Men react to some abductions by Genoshan Magistrates. Rogue and Wolverine are taken prisoners.


    A Genoshan man flees with a child while being pursued by Magistrates. He deftly leaps over a fence at the airport and stows the baby on a plane. The Magistrates catch up and he flees. The man gets cornered but starts fighting by throwing vehicles around. The Magistrates pump him full of lead. He is shockingly alive, albeit barely.

    In Australia, the Press Gang (Genoshan Magistrate elites) wait at an airport for the arrival of Jenny Ransome, a Genoshan with mutant properties that has fled to Australia. The Press Gang calls in a fake order for a nurse and Jenny is dispatched along with pilot Madelyne Pryor. Jenny is grabbed upon landing and Madelyne does her best fight back and ultimately climbs back in her plane to call for help. Punchout picks up the plane and throws it, wrecking it and rendering Madelyne helpless. The Press Gang's Pipeline transmits the two ladies to Genosha.

    Rogue shows up later and finds Madelyne's plane. Psylocke gets the visual image and relates what Rogue sees to the X-Men. Gateway then teleports Wolverine and Storm to the abduction site. Wolverine smells Madelyne and Jenny Ransome and does his best to track the abductors while the rest of the X-Men teleport in to join the search.

    Later that night, Wolverine and Rogue follow a scent that leads them to a hospital. They dress up as a nurse and patient and scour the hospital for the abductors. Wolverine finds the scent in the pediatrics section. They run into Punchout and Wolverine recognizes her scent and a scuffle goes down until Rogue sucks Punchout's powers. Wolverine then finds Pipeline and Hawkshaw. Hawkshaw keeps Wolverine and Rogue busy while Pipeline transmits some Genoshan Magistrates in to help. Wolverine and Rogue get blown out the side of the hospital.

    The rest of the X-Men run into the squad of Magistrates and gloriously win a battle. The Magistrates are wrapped up in construction beams and left for the police. Wolverine and Rogue, however, are found by the Press Gang and Pipeline transports them to Genosha.


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