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Colossus has been having visions of his sister in terrible danger. The metal mutant heads to limbo to check up on her.

Peter has nightmares about Illyana. The X-Men decide it's okay for him to go to her, even though it may blow their cover. He appears right before she completes a necromantic spell that would have totally corrupted her. He decides to pretend to be the summoned shade of himself. It seems that a demon posing as Baba Yaga has the New Mutants and is going to eat them. Colossus, being cold iron, has little trouble kicking the snot out of her, and S'ym as well. He goes home, but not before reassuring Illyana that it's her actions that define her as good and not her evil nature as the Darkchilde.


Colossus's dream: Magik dresses for the biggest night of her life. She looks royal. An apple is placed in her mouth and she is gleefully shoved into a large stove.

Colossus pummels the Australian desert in frustration. Rogue tries to cheer him up but he prefers to be alone. She touches him and is nearly burned, as the Australian sun has heated Colossus's metal body. She leaves and Colossus picks up a picture of Magik, which is soon engulfed in fire from the heat from his body. He laments the cruel fate that has made him a metal man but is soon cooled off with a rain storm curtesy of Storm. She approaches her friend and confronts him about his troubles. He admits that Magik is on his mind and he fears she may be in danger. Storm is sympathetic, but also must prevent Colossus from acting on his brotherly urges since the X-Men are supposed to be dead.

At the house, Wolverine tries to help Colossus adapt to his metal body while doing dishes. It does not go well. The rest of the team senses Colossus's turmoil and Storm finally admits that he should be allowed to leave. Gateway enters the house and beckons Colossus to follow him. Colossus steps through a portal.

Colossus steps through and finds that he has entered Limbo at the exact moment that Magik summons him. (She thinks he is dead and able to be summoned.) Colossus sees that S'ym, a demon looking to rule Limbo, is close to making his own magic mountain. Colossus rushes in and pummels S'ym into many bits, being impervious to S'ym's techno-organic virus.

Magik admits that her "summoning" of Colossus is to help her save the New Mutants. The school has been overrun by demons looking like Russian folk figures and she had just escaped the dreaded Baba Yaga. Colossus agrees to help. He arrives to find that the school is ghastly different. Baba Yaga sends some demons to deal with Colossus and runs to the kitchen with the very fattened and very cookable New Mutants. Colossus deals with the brutes and follows Baba Yaga. A doorway blocks his hulking frame and he exerts himself to return to human form. He engages Baba Yaga and gets the upper-hand by turning back to metal, becoming immune to magical effects. Baba Yaga is soon destroyed.

Magik teleports her New Mutant friends to Limbo and performs a spell to heal their bloated bodies. She then confides in her supposedly dead brother that she fears that she is a bad person. He tells her that as long as she tries to do good then she is good. She is comforted and Colossus returns to Australia. Magik returns with her friends to their school.

S'ym re-assimilates and bashes an upstart demon to pieces. He had hoped that Magik's summoning of a dead person would condemn her and destroy her. S'ym doesn't realize that Colossus wasn't dead so the spell could not be completed, saving Magik's soul. He knows, however, that Magik's inability to keep herself together is weakening the wall between Limbo and Earth and that it won't be too long before he can get revenge on Colossus.


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