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Storm is being hunted by the old World War 2 heroes she encountered in the last issue. In open combat, she has no chance. To defeat them she will have to outsmart them.

Wolverine is tracking what he thought was Jean Greys scent, when he is suddenly hit by a passing car.

He jumps up after the car hits him and runs into the forest, while the man and woman in the car get out to investigate.

They see that the front end appears to have been cut by something,

and the hear howling off in the distance.

Meanwhile Storm and Priscilla are trying to escape from a super powered vigilante group.

When they are confronted by Super Sabre Priscilla betrays storm and causes an avalance of stone to crash down on her.

Elsewhere the X-Men arrive at Muir island to seek Moira Mactaggartrs help.

Wolverine meets up with Storm and they defeat Super Sabre, Stonewall and the Crimson Commando.

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