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When Kitty Pryde is ambushed by the Freedom Force, the X-Men intervene to save their young teammate!

Freedom Force attack the X-Men. They didn't have the papers to legally arrest them so they were released.

*Spoilers and details*

A empowered storm faces a gang in an alley, they underestimate her and end up having their assess handed to them. After wrapping up the criminals she is greeted by detective Morrel who welcomes her to san Francisco and hope that she and her team will stay and help clean up the streets. Storm considers it after shaking hands with the detective.

At home Kitty is dressed as a rocker chick as she and David Ishima are bout to have a date. Storm objects though David promises to be a gentleman and bring her home at a reasonable hour. Storm then shares with her friends the prospect of making san Francisco their home since they all seem to have a whole new ease on life simply by being her. Rachel walks in telekinetically lifting the dishes right as rogue comments on receiving a card from the summers family. When rogue suggests they visit Rachel freaks out and lose control of her powers. They tell she needs to tell Scott who she really is so she can be at peace in her heart. She still insist its not time yet.

High in the sky, Amanda cant reach Kurt on the phone after their fight right before she left. She wonders if this is the end of her relationship and if Kurt no longer wishes to speak with her. Its been a whole week since they last spoke. Her friend comes in right as she is crying and comforts her.

On their way home from the date David tries to scare kitty with a ghost story when the ground itself sweeps them up and carries them in the direction of the house. The X-men see what is happening and try to come to their aid. They are ensnared by the psi-webs of spider woman who is accompanied by Spiral. The X-men break free and a fight ensues. Rachel gets taken out by Spiral as pyro and avalanche arrive.

Pyro creates a huge firebird daring storm to use her powers against him. She is lifted by Rachel telekinesis as rain begins to pour making Pyro and avalanche wonder if it was such a good idea to tangle with her. Rogue gets squashed by Blob and Spiral realizes the trick. She knocks ray unconscious and storm falls from the sky to certain death. Kitty reaches her in time and saves her . Avalanche and pyro tag team colossus before him and rogue get rid of blob. Jessica drew confronts the new Spiderwoman about her identity when the woman reprimands her for stopping federal agents sent to subdue the outlaw criminals known as the x-men.

Rogue tries to end the fight by absorbing spiral but spiral takes control of her body and beats the x-men senseless. By the time it wears off spiral is back on her feet. Both teams in a stalemate are stopped by agent Drew who tells freedom force that without proper documentation they cant reprimand the x-men. In defeat they teleport away.

Storm and team decide it best to leave the city before freedom force returns, they apologize for the inconvenience and depart. Ray decides it is best to confront her fears if she is ever to have a normal life.

Nightcrawler wishes his new queen friend goodbye, his lease on life renewed after the swashbuckling adventure.


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