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Nightcrawler gets caught up in Arcade's machinations. Is this a new swashbuckling adventure for the teleporting mutant? Or a one-way ticket to his doom?

While the rest of the team is in San Francisco, Nightcrawler is in New York. He finds himself in Arcades Murderworld trying to save Judith Rassendyll.

*Spoilers and details*

Nightcrawler is struggling with the existence of the be yonder. It has shaken his faith to its very foundations. Is the beyonder the anitchrist or God himself. He spends the whole night on the balcony during the falling rain. When Amanda is about to leave for work Kurt starts drinking and lashes out verbally at her. Hurt she decides to give him his space and goes off to work despite her feelings. A young woman is out jogging and a van approaches, she’s snatched up and night crawler comes to investigate what happened. He recognizes the driver as one of arcade’s me and follows.

The woman is dumped into murder world where she must survive Arcade’s games. Lucky for her night crawler arrives and assist her despite her apprehension because of his appearance. They escape after setting up arcade own robot x-men to attack him. Arcade is impressed by this turn of events and looks forward to playing another game with night crawler soon.

Back at her apartment Nightcrawler accompanies the women inside her apartment and there they meet two men proclaiming her their queen. Both are shocked at this outcome.

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