The Uncanny X-Men #203

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #203 - Phoenix vs. The Beyonder! released by Marvel on March 1, 1986.

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    To destroy the Beyonder, Rachel Summers must also take the lives of many others. Will she finally eliminate the Beyonder or let him live?

    While on the Golden Gate Bridge, Rogue remembers when she permanently absorbs Carol Danvers' powers and memories.

    The Beyonder has made everyone but Kitty Pryde forget about the existence of the New Mutants. Rachel Summers decides she has to absorb the life force of her friends to beat the Beyonder.She fails because she would have to kill countless souls to achieve her goal.The Beyonder leaves the X-Men saying he is envious of their humanity.

    *Spoilers and Details*

    The mutant X-Man known as Rogue is having a flashback as she stands on the Brooklyn Bridge, sight of her fateful battle not so long ago. She remembers her finale fateful battle with the hero Ms. Marvel and how much it took out of both of them. She also remembers the ultimate outcome. The absorption of the hero’s mind and essence leaving her an amalgam of the two women not sure if her thoughts are truly her own or those of her enemy.

    After reminiscing and being brought to tears she returns to San Francisco where she sees shadow cat deep in meditation. The young woman reveals her friend Illyana’s soul sword and Eldritch armor which has bonded to her after her friends death. Rogue, however, does not remember Ilyana or the New Mutants, as they were all uncreated by the Beyonder. Kitty laments that they have no hope as no one remembers nor believes her. Grief stricken she collapses to the floor. Phoenix walks in and explains that she has a plan to stop the Beyonder. She also reveals that the power he gave her last issue is still in her possession. All she has to do is destroy all of creation and hope that by doing so the Beyonder will cease as well. Kitty quickly agrees to give her life force for this cause. Rogue is hesitant but still does her part. A de-powered Jessica Drew overhears the exchange and gives her life force willingly as well.

    Entering the mansion, Ray takes the essence of all her X-Men teammates and even forcefully takes Storm's despite her protests. With the power she desires in her possession, she takes off from Earth setting a course for the planet where the M’kraan Crystal is located. The Watcher laments that he will not interfere just watch. Ray eventually reaches Shi'ar space, takes the essence of all the streamers, and enters the Crystal ready to unleash its neutron galaxy and wipe out all creation. Storm makes a final plea to Ray but the young woman is adamant that this is the best thing to do. She unleashes her powers connecting with every sentient life form in the known galaxies. Their individuality, their uniqueness, their very lives and the endless possibilities there coupled with Storm pleading to Ray is too much. She returns all of her friends to where they were originally and laments that she could not destroy them all after experiencing all of that.

    The Beyonder arrives and vows to finish what she started. Ray comes to realize that she was his unwitting pawn to destroy everything since he knew what she was thinking and feeling and he gave her the power to do it. He decides he will destroy it all now and Phoenix unleashes his power that he gave to her along with the experience that she had before with connecting to all life. It proves overwhelming to the Beyonder who finally understands mortally and individuality. He thanks the X-Men for this experience and confesses he envies them. He then departs without remaking the New Mutants much to Kitty’s chagrin.


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