The Uncanny X-Men #202

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #202 - X-Men...I've Gone To Kill The Beyonder released by Marvel on February 1, 1986.

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    The Phoenix must kill...the Beyonder?!

    The X-Men wake up to find that Phoenix has gone off to battle the Beyonder alone.

    She finds him on Alcatraz, she attacks him with everything she's got, but nothing happens.

    Then the Beyonder gives her the power to destroy him, but at the same time he creates Omega series Sentinels and unleashes them on the X-Men.

    He gives her the choice "Slay me or save your fellow X-Men ".

    The X-Men defeat the Sentinels, but with considerable damage to San Francisco.

    *Spoilers & Details*

    Rogue finds a hologram of Rachel as she tells the X-men she has gone to Kill the beyonder. Rogue is terrified and rushes to storm room and tells her leader what has transpired. Storm gather all the x-men and takes them to Magneto in an attempt to locate her before she is annihilated by the Beyonder. Magneto and Wolverien get into verbal spats throughout the whole thing. Finally they locate Rachel and are shocked to discover her power levels rivaling that of the phoenix.

    Meanwhile on Alkatraz the beyonder waxes philosophical about his seeming omnipotence and what he plans to do with it. Rachel locates him and using all ehr might she unleashes a nova powered blast that has no effect on her surroundings or the Beyonder. She is understandably shocked at this but decides to not give up and unleashes even more power against him but to no avail. The beyonder is amused by her and her existence so he takes her to a trip down memory lane as he transports her to her own time and has her witness the deaths of those close to her. Even Katherine prude of her time who perished after helping to transport her to this time line.

    To prove his point the beyonder enhances her powers and give her a choice destroy him with what power he has given her or save her friends. All her firneds are then scattered across the city and sentinels from her time set upon them. If Ray destroys him they die and if she saves them he will surely escape. Going against her instincts she saves her friends/surrogate family. With her power spent but her friends safe she confronts the beyonder again.

    He claims that this situation was to give her direction in her life so she could let go of her pain and rage and accept a new lease on life, she is furious and this time instead of attacking she slaps his face and warns him that his intentions may be good but he treat people as disposable pawns only fit to do his biding as eh places them in dangerous situation he himself has caused.

    The beyonder is left to consider all that has happened.


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