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Rogue is back! But this time things are different-her powers are out of control and her absorption of Ms. Marvel's abilities is permanent! Plus, Charles Xavier's attempts to walk in his new body have proven fruitless. What is keeping him from taking his first step?

Up in Alaska, Maddy has a nightmare and tells Scott her secret - on September 1, 1980, she was landing a 747 in San Francisco when the plane crashed, killing everyone on board - except for her! Scott realizes (but keeps to himself) that 9/1/1980 is the day that Jean died on the moon!

Back at the mansion, Xavier is still trying to deal with his new body and the emotional pains on his legs with Lilandra's help, Colossus is trying to cook American breakfast and Kitty is looking for her floppy in her room. Ororo still fights with her own powers and the decisions she had to choose during her life with the X-Men. Rogue shows up and asks for the X-Men's help - she can't control her own mutant power (the ability to absorb other mutant powers), and her mind is being torn apart with the persona she stole from Carol Danvers. Guess who picks this moment to also show up at the mansion? Yeah, Carol Danvers. Of course, the two go at it for a few minutes, but the X-Men calm everyone down. The X-Men don't really want to help Rogue, but the Prof reminds them that they must help all mutants. Carol/Binary realizes that she's not really an X-Men, so she takes off.

During an exercise in the Danger Room Illyana accidentally turns on the Belasco's program and that scares her so much that she summons a sword and attacks Kitty.


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The greatest punch heard around the marvel universe! 0

So while my main review-e? is down for a bit I thought I would do some classic ish reviews and where else should I start then Rogue's initiation into the X-Men by one Chris Claremont.   Plot After infamously absorbing Ms.Marvel and not being able to handle the affects of the absorbition Rogue goes to the only Mutant who she knows will help her Professor Xavier (Before he became wallpaper on utopia).   My Opinion For those expecting a kick ass issue on the inside will be dissappointed the most ac...

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Rogue story 0

This is considered an essential X-Men story. Rogue pleads for forgiveness and help from the X-Men. However, not everyone is ready to forget her villainous past. This issue is a perfect example of what was so great about Chris Claremont's X-Men of the 80s. There isn't even a big fight in this issue. It's all about the family dynamics....

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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover No180 0

Rogue's introduction to the X-Men is one of my all time favourite story lines. Of course, up to the point she joined, she was one of the bad guys and, even though everyone's doing it these days, back in the early 80s it was rare to see a villian turn good guy. So Walt Simonson does a great job demonstrating the disparity of the situation with Rogue running petrified from her disgusted soon to be team-mates. She looks terrified, doesn't she? This is just one of many X-Men covers to be later homag...

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