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To save the X-Men, Storm must engage the Morlock leader Callisto in a duel to the death!

In Alaska, Scott Summers is dancing with his new lover Madelyne Pryor. He thinks on how much he likes her and homw much she looks like Jean.

Whilst the X-Men are underground in the Morlocks's tunnels, Callisto still has Angel as her prisoner. The X-Men escape and Nightcrawler gets Callisto and tells everyone to move away, but then Plague touches Storm and she fells sick. Kitty promises Caliban that if he help her she would stay in the tunnels with him. Masque uses his power and plays with Ororo's pretty face. Then Caliban appears and asks Callisto to help heal Kitty Pryde, who is weak after an attack from Plague. Callisto doesn't let the X-Men leave to get Kitty help, since she doesnt' trust them. Nightcrawler says he will challlenge her for leader of the Morlocks. Storm says that since she's the leader of the X-Men, she will fight Callisto. Callisto says that the battles are to the death, but Storm goes along with it anyway. The two adversarys fight, and Storm manages to win by stabbing Callisto in the heart. At the end Storm gets Angel in her arms and tells the Morlocks that they don't need to live hiding anymore, they could go to the X-Mansion with the X-Men. Caliban replies saying that there is where they belong and where they will stay.

Back in Alaska Madelyne tries to take Cyclops's glasses off and after an embarrassing moment, Scott tells her the truth about his mutant powers.

In another place Mystique is dreaming about a hunting where she is the game, Jason Wyngard and Jean Grey are the hunters. When she awakes, Destiny is already waiting for her in the kitchen with tea. Suddenly Destiny has a vision about Rogue in great danger. When Mystique reaches Rogue's bedroom she isn't there anymore. Rogue is in a bus running away her home but she can't remember why she is doing it.


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