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The Starjammers arrive in time to deal with an interplanetary menace.

X-Mansion: Storm and Cyclops are playing handball with their powers, and exhausted, finally call the game with it being tied - neither able to gain an advantage over the other.

Just outside the solar system: A Shi'Ar ship piloted by Corsair heads rapidly earthward, passing Voyager II during its long trip between Saturn and Uranus. Corsair is surprised by the sudden appearance of a Shi'Ar warship.

Magneto's Caribbean Base: The X-Men are appropriating the island base for their own use. Presently, Colossus is unloading crates of equipment and supplies. Carol Danvers is up above doing some soul searching when Wolverine comes up to her. Wolverine tries to comfort her, but Kitty interrupts.

Above Earth: Corsair speeds towards earth, only to be fired upon by Shi'Ar ships that have arrived before him! He flies into the gauntlet and crash land at X-Mansion's lake. Cyclops and Storm save him from the explosion while he remembers about the day when his plane was attacked by Shi'ar forces, and he had to left his sons Alex and Scott behind and her wife was murdered.

When he awakes he and Cyclops realizes they are father and son, but before further explanations, Sidrian Hunters attack them and destroy the Mansion. Storm and Cyclops manages to defeat the aliens together and at the end Corsair kill the creatures by exploding an oil tank - also killing some workers and causing severe polluting issues. Cyclops asks for explanations and then he says that Shi'ar emperie is under attack, Lilandra was kidnapped and they are coming to Earth to fight.


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